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Houston Rodeo Train tickets allow for a rodeo concert of Train that is bound to be great fun. The Houston Rodeo is considered the world’s largest rodeo extravaganza. It consists of multiple events like a massive livestock exhibition parades, carnivals, music concerts, wine tasting sessions, cattle quality competitions and exhibitions as well as a Black Heritage Day. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year will is slated from early spring to mid summer. The Houston rodeo is famous for attracting top notch musicians and entertainers belonging to various genres and disciplines like stand-up comedy, Rock n roll, Tejano, country, Blues, and Rap.

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One of the most sought after acts that would be headlining this year will be The Houston Rodeo Train concert. Rodeo Train tickets bring the Houston Rodeo Train concert as one of the most ubiquitous band performances of the Houston Rodeo. The band was formed in the San Francisco bay area in the mid-nineties when the rise of grunge rock and alternative rock was ruling the radio airwaves. They ultimate moved away from their roots and found that they could succeed more easily in the more main stream pop/rock world. Train fine-tuned their music and image to score big with the adult contemporary market as well as the ever growing family oriented alternative rock market.
Train became a big time rock act that commercially succeeded on US FM radio during the early part of the last decade. They scored multiple hits with songs like Calling All Angels and Drops of Jupiter, which made them the lead acts of the otherwise crowded soft-rock/rock ballad genre. Although they had a sizeable following in the local San Francisco  bay area, no record companies showed much interest in the band. After much hard work, Train ultimately signed a deal with Aware Records. The deal resulted in the band releasing their first self-financed album Train (1998). The single Meet Virginia followed by the 2001 platinum success of Drops of Jupiter” Train won a Grammy Award for this effort. This recognition was followed up by a long tour.
After the tour wrapped up, they hit the studio in 2003 and the result was the album My Private Nation the same year. The single Calling All Angels rocked charts paving way for the next album For Me, It’s You. This 2006 release also topped charts and won them public acclaim. The band took a long three year break and went back into the studio to produce the album Save Me, San Francisco. The album’s highlight was a dual pack of singles Hey, Soul Sister and If It’s LoveDrive By featured on their most recent studio effort California 37 also smashed charts and made headlines.
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