Dixie National Rodeo Tickets

Dixie National Rodeo Tickets


The most entertaining event to go to on a trip to Mississippi is the Dixie National Rodeo. The show kicks off in the capital of the state, Jackson, and continues to run for twenty-eight days at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds. Large amounts of people attend the show to watch the cowboys from different parts of the world battle for huge prizes. Highly talented bull fighters, bull-doggers, ropers, barrel racers and rodeo clowns perform for the audience, showing amazing tricks and antics to entertain the crowd.

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About Dixie National Rodeo

The show features different artists on all days of the rodeo. Some of the best entertainers that the show has featured so far includes Miranda Lambert , Blake Shelton, and Steve Holy. It also features livestock shows each day. There is always a sense of cutthroat competition as cowboys compete neck-to-neck for horse shows, hog shows, beef grooming, dairy shows, Angus and Lamb Showmanship etc. Some of most popular events of the Dixie National Rodeo include the horse expos and the Southern Classic Horse Sale. These events showcase some beautiful horses of different types displayed for the audience to admire.

The state of Mississippi is the country's leader in the production of livestock. The state formed the yearly Dixie National Rodeo and Livestock Show in the year 1964. A large amount of growth has taken place in the show over the years and the event is now ranked as one of the biggest livestock show in the state. It was formed to work as a tool of education for the cattle producers of the state. At the time it was established, no major cattle events existed in the state. Exhibitions of different livestock were displayed at the complex for local producers.

The show takes place in the coliseum and features over ten rodeos. The rodeo are the best time of the entire show and most people take part in the celebrations because of this, if they do not have livestock to show or sell. The Parade of the Dixie National Rodeo and Livestock Show begins in the first week of February. This is an extremely fun and colorful event.

Another exciting event that the show features is the Dixie National Mississippi National Rodeo Queen Pageant. This is an extremely competitive event that features several categories of contestants competing against each other. The Dixie National Chili Round-Up is another part of the Dixie National Rodeo. This is also one of the various thrilling things to do during the show. It takes place at the Mississippi Farmer's Market. If you want to try some delightful, award-winning southern-style chili, this is the place to be. The Coliseum in which the show takes place is an extremely modern venue with the seating arrangement of around 6500 people. It is an up-to-date place having modern sound and lighting. To transport oneself to the ground, people usually use the city metro system, rental cars or taxis.

The Dixie National Rodeo and Livestock features almost every kind of livestock you can imagine. Growers are always in high hopes to win the best prizes. Several livestock varieties are sold off after winning prizes to people visiting the show looking for the best pork, lamb, beef and poultry. There are some events which you have to pay a small admission fee to enter. The Dixie National Rodeo is the most exciting event to attend in Jackson after the Mississippi State fair. People from the cities of Gulfport and Biloxi travel out to Jackson to watch the show. The shows has things to so for people of all ages so no one will ever complain of getting bored at the Dixie National Rodeo show.

Over the years, the Dixie National Rodeo has kept on growing. Additions of various new breeds of cattle have taken place including Chianina, Brangus, Limousin and Simmental. The Palomino and Paint horses have now also been added to the show. $150,000 worth of premiums are now being offered at the show. The rodeo is now ranked in the best 25 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association approved shows. The fun and thrill of this exciting event can not be described in words. One has to be at this spectacular event to truly grasp the beauty of the show. Catch the stunning performances at this extraordinary event with your Dixie National Rodeo tickets and have a thrilling experience!

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