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Some of the best bull riders in the world will soon be saddling up for the latest Championship Bull Riding contest. This is the ultimate battle for supremacy between man and beast that is organized and held by this wonderful organization. With the latest season now now too far away, this is your chance to buy Championship Bull Riding tickets and catch the action live. Championship Bull Riding has been a part of the annual sports calendar for just over a decade. What started as a little effort to promote the sport and show the world what these amazing bull riders were capable of has now gone on to take the form of an epic journey. This is adrenaline pumping action at its best.

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About Championship Bull Riding

The Championship Bull Riding or CBR as it is known is the realization of an idea that was conceived when “Joel Logan,” a businessman teamed up with an icon in the world of stock contracting, “Terry Williams.” The two of them wanted to project rodeo sports in its pure, most natural form so that is when the CBR was incepted in the year 2002. The main purpose behind the creation of the organization was to promote the sport and provide bull riders with the chance to earn a decent living while showing the world the kind of risks they were taking every time they saddled a mad raging animal. They started to make CBR competitive and popular. The company received a big shot in the arm when “Tuff Hedeman,” one of the most legendary names in the business hopped on board. Hedeman took over as the president of the organization in the year 2005 and has been supporting the cause ever since.
Slowly but surely, Championship Bull Riding began to make its mark. More events were added to the line-up which then started to attract an even bigger number of fans to be a part of the action packed shows. Some rule changes were also incorporated to make the sport more competitive and watchable.The arrival of the eight second rule added an extra addition to the proceedings. This regulation stipulates that any rider that remains saddled on the bull for eight seconds will get to earn extra money. Then there is the “Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge,” where stock contractors get the chance to take part and compete with their own bulls for what is record prize money. Add these two together with all that the sport generally offers and bull riding takes a new dimension altogether.
Championship Bull Riding events are now broadcasted to millions around the country. In excess of two hundred and fifty thousand people watch these amazing events live every year. The latest season will once again have plenty of surprises to offer and if you are a rodeo fan then book your cheap Championship Bull riding tickets and be a part of it live.

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