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One of the biggest stars of country music is making their way to one of the most amazing events of its kind to headline the Eli Young Band Austin Rodeo show. The teaming up of a big music name with a rodeo might sound a bit weird to some but this is just not an ordinary rodeo, this is Austin Rodeo. For fans this is a chance to be a part of a concert right in the middle of western country culture which makes it all the more unique. Country music fans cannot afford to miss out on Eli Young Band Austin Rodeo tickets for a party of their lives.

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About Austin Rodeo Eli Young Band

The Austin Rodeo or Rodeo Austin first started in 1938 and its basic function was exactly what a rodeo is meant to do. Around sixteen animals and their owners came to town to be a part of the inaugural event. No one would have thought back then that they were witnessing the start of an event that would go on to change the definition and perception of livestock shows. For the first few years the purpose was to promote cattle but gradually as time went on other events like riding and roping etc became its regular features.
As the events profile grew so did the participation of people from all walks of life. Singers, actors and other big names from various fields started to make regular appearances at the rodeo that further helped in making it grow. Competitions among animals were held to attract more and more people and the attendances started to swell even more. A major breakthrough came when concerts by leading musicians became a regular part of the Austin Rodeo. That move took the event past its conventional boundaries and to the doors of an entirely new viewership to become the entertainment juggernaut we see today. The show is now attended by thousands every year making it one of the biggest entertainment extravaganzas in the country.
One of the stars to headline the concert at the show this year will be the sensational Eli Young Band. Formed in 2000 by two friends James Young and Mike Ali they released their self-titled debut album two years later. Touring all around the country came naturally to them and these extensive road trips went on to generate a fan following for them. Soon they were opening performances for other stars and the attention from the media grew their fan base even more. First commercial success came in 2008 with the release of the album Jet Black & Jealous. The album became their first top ten hit and went on to the number five spot on Billboard charts. Apart from that it also generated a lot of positive vibes from fans and critics alike.
Their biggest success that turned them into the phenomenon we see today came with the release of the song Crazy Girl in 2011. The track became such a big craze as soon as it was released that it went all the way to the number one spot. Over one and half million downloads have been sold to make it the bands first platinum success. Crazy Girl was also one of the songs from their next album Life at Best that went to the top spots on various charts as well. Both the song and the album on the whole got brilliant feedback from everywhere. It is business as usual for EYB who have continued to tour and work on future projects a glimpse of which might be seen at the Eli Young Band Austin Rodeo concert.
The Eli Young Band Austin Rodeo promises to be a great show. A rodeo event steeped in tradition will welcome on stage a band that creates music to take your breathe away. A combination so remarkable cannot be missed and what better way to enjoy everything it has to offer by buying Eli Young Band Austin Rodeo tickets.

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