Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels Tickets

Music fans are in for a special treat because the sensational Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels concert is just around the corner. The combination of Austin Rodeo and Bret Michaels is one that will make sure everyone who buys Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels tickets to attend the show will remember it forever. It really is going to be that special event so be prepared for some amazing time at Autin Rodeo and the Bret Michaels concert.

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About Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels

The Austin Rodeo started way back in 1938 as a livestock exhibition to promote animals and meat. The inaugural edition captured the attention of sixteen animals and their proud owners to make their way to the Rodeo. That was just the beginning of an event that has gone on to change the very definition of Rodeos forever. The first few years were spent promoting cattle and sheep like a good old traditional rodeo which was helped immensely by the fact people had started taking interest in it. Those few years enabled the Austin Rodeo to get a sound footing before going on to the next level.
That next level was to make it different from other livestock exhibitions, a dream that started off with incorporating a bit more of the traditional western country culture into it by adding events like roping and riding etc. Then came the addition of the concert and other major entertainment attractions that really put it on the map as an entertaining rodeo. The concert has been the biggest attractions of the entire event that has been headlined by some of the biggest names in music to attract thousands of fans from every part of the country. The Austin Rodeo is now an entertainment behemoth that is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world.
One of the performers to headline this year’s concert is Bret Michaels, an amazing multi-faceted artist. Bret started playing guitar during his teens which led to him playing locally in and around Pennsylvania with his band Paris. Soon afterwards they moved to LA and changed the groups name to Poison. They shot to fame when the band recorded a video for their song Talk Dirty to Me. The track was from their album Look What the Cat Dragged In and it went Platinum. Since that time, Bret and his band have gone on to sell a staggering thirty million copies worldwide with numerous table topping hits. Bret has also has a very successful career as a solo performer as well as his chart topping album Custom Built testifies. On top of that he is also a reality television star so who has been there and done it all.
The Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels promises to be one sensational event. When a world famous rodeo and a global star team up to create one unique event then it simply cannot be missed. The concert will give the fans a chance to witness the best of both worlds and there is no better way of experiencing that then buying Austin Rodeo Bret Michaels tickets and attending it live.

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