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Sport is not only meant to thrill the participants & onlookers, but also affect live in a positive manner. The mad adrenaline rush of watching one ride a bucking bull or watch the red mist descend in its eyes as the red cloth is waved before it is intoxicating. And rodeo isn’t just all about the thrills & spills. Victors epitomize the peak of human achievement by surmounting daunting challenges in the form of untamed beasts, but when that is combined with family entertainment, carnivals, rich traditional music concerts & a reliving of Texas’s livestock pride, then one can easily understand the constant clamor for Austin Rodeo tickets. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is the highest sanctioning body of The State of Texas Fair & Rodeo, which is more than just the average congregation of muscled men and massive beasts. It has grown to hand scholarships to deserving students, & through its massive sponsorship deals, is contributing to the local economy. Austin is the epicenter of fun, frolic & that inimitable dash of daredevil excitement for a fortnight in March & it would be foolish for any sporting enthusiast to miss it.

About Austin Rodeo

Rodeo had a very modest beginning, starting out from cattle herding practices of North America, Mexico, Spain & Australia. Although the Western tinge of abandonment is still present, there are a few rules & regulations that govern the competition. The State of Texas Fair & Rodeo Austin has seven levels of competition in ProRodeo, all of which can be watched from the exclusive Founders Club, which gives a bird’s eye view of the proceedings & has top-notch bar & restaurant facilities for the members. In the Bareback Riding event, riders are marked according to control, horse performance & spurring technique as they try & stay on their violently bucking steed with a single hand in an eight-second cliffhanger.

Contestants must find good body posture & grit to stay on top of their bucking bulls in the Bull Riding event, & they are disqualified if their free hand touches the animal or any equipment. The formidable Steer Wrestling contest calls on the bulldoggers to run after, capture, tip over & tie marauding steers. Austin Rodeo’s classic Saddle Bronc Riding has participants starting out with their feet in the “mark out” position over the bronc’s shoulders, & they hen synchronize their body’s spurring with the bronc’s bucking. Teamwork between the cowboy & his horse as he ropes a runaway calf, dismounts & ties three of its legs is of paramount importance in Tie-Down Roping, while Barrel Racing challenges the control & agility of riders as they navigate through three barrels while racing at breakneck speeds. Team Roping, involving the header & heeler, is the only team event. The winner wins the Top Hand Award, currently held by David Kardosz. Austin Rodeo lives up to its family-friendly image by giving little aspiring cowboys & cowgirls a chance on its Mutton Bustin’ competition as they try & tame their woolly mounts to win the Hy O Silver buckle. There are also awards that recognize the Most Spirited Hand, standout rookies & volunteers.

Rodeo Arena hosts the annual event. The spacious well-maintained facility has received great boosts in recent years, & Rodeo Austin’s ProRodeo is now the world’s 6 th largest indoor, regular season rodeo event. It was first started as the Travis County Baby Beef Show on West 11 th Street & Congress Avenue in 1938. Further development by the Austin Travis County Livestock Show, as it became known, led to a 50-year lease on a 128-acre tract of the Walter E. Long Municipal Park in 1983, as the foundations for the Texas Exposition & Heritage Center were laid.

Austin Rodeo is also famous for its student scholarship program that has won many plaudits & increased its fan base over the years. Over $4.5 million have been handed out to students to pursue majors in any field in Texas universities since the program’s 1981 inception. Silicon Labs are proud sponsor. A major attraction for fans purchasing Austin Rodeo tickets are the jaw-dropping musical acts that the 14-day event attracts, with Blake Shelton, Clay Walker, Rick Springfield & BTR set to rock Austin. BBQ Cook-offs, Western art shows, livestock shows, auctions & carnival rides all contribute to building a rock solid fan-base.

Austin Rodeo tickets are a bargain considering the fun & entertainment the event promises. A family atmosphere blended with relentless action from the cowboys will make for a memorable experience.

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