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Its Rodeo time in Austin at this time of the year. With is history spreading over decades, Austin Rodeo is coming back again with all the excitement and thrilling events that come along with it. Austin Rodeo has now grown to be something a lot more than just a Rodeo and Live Stock event. It features some of the top musical acts and loads of other fun activities for people from all walks of life and ages alike.

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The history of the Rodeo Austin goes all the way back to 1938, when its original form of Travis County Baby Beef Show was held for the first time at Congress Avenue. Later in 1957, the event was taken over by Austin Chamber of Commerce and the show became an annual phenomenon with the same name. The show received its very own permanent facility after receiving the proceeds of 21 acres of land that was donated to it for resale. The show took its present form and name back in 1977 when the Baby Beef Expo evolved into Austin Travis County Livestock Show. After the creation, $4.5 million were raised by board of directors to purchase a new permanent facility in 1983, and so the foundation of the Austin Rodeo was laid back then. So if you’re looking for some quality time, Austin Rodeo Austin tickets will certainly help .