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The high-achieving women’s basketball team, Seattle Storm, is one that has always been a consistent winner. The team is based in Seattle and plays in the Western Conference as a part of the W.N.B.A. (Women’s National Basketball Association). The fact that Seattle Storm is such a fantastic and accomplished basketball team makes it unique and also strikes female interest in searching for Seattle Storm tickets. The team is co-owned under the name ‘Force 19 Hoops LLC’ by three women; Lisa Brummel, Dawn Trudeau and Ginny Gilder.

About Seattle Storm

In their twelve years of playing basketball, the team has two WNBA Championship wins to claim. Seattle Storm has also made it to ten playoffs. Speaking of history, Seattle Storm was originally known as Seattle Reign. This name existed for two years. At the time, the team came under ABL (American Basketball League). However, ABL soon came under the franchise of WNBA and this is when Seattle Reign came to be known as Seattle Storm.
As far as games are concerned, in the year 2000, the team had their first chance to a WNBA season. Seattle Storm was led by Coach Lin Dunn at the time. This was also the period when the talented Lauren Jackson had been taken notice of as a new talent. Sue Bird came after her; she was recognized for her performance at the ball hander position. It was due to the excellence of these two players that the team got a chance in the playoffs in the year 2002.
Anne Donovan began coaching the team the very next year. Anne Donovan also earned the award ‘WNBA Most Valuable Player Award’. However, the real success of the Seattle Storm was witnessed in the year 2004 when they first conquered the playoffs emerging victorious by a 2-1. The icing on the cake was when the team finished strong and became WNBA frontrunners with a 20-14. Not only was the win an excitement, the score proved to be an unmatched one, breaking current records of the WNBA. Moreover, the triumph was a first-in-history ‘female coach win’ in WNBA records.
Brian Agler became the coach in the year 2008. Records were further broken with scores such as 22-12 as the best franchise record and 16-1 as the best score by a WNBA home team. In the year 2010, situations for the team got even better with twenty-eight wins in regular season claiming a flawless 17-0 at the Key Arena. Continuous success fetched the team multiple awards and titles such as the Coach of the Year, Western Conference Player of the Week and Western Conference Player of the Month. The Seattle Storm team was invited to the White House after they won Conference and WNBA finals.
Now in its thirteenth year in basketball, the Seattle Storm is a team that compels all the sports lovers to go on the lookout for some cheap Seattle Storm tickets. The team is a promising one that never fails to make the fans proud.

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