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Tennis is one of the most watched sports in the world with a viewership in millions all around the globe. The game is played at all levels throughout the society between two players or a team of two players. The most famous tennis championships or series are known as the Majors, they include the "French Open," "Wimbledon," "Australian Open," and "US Open." The US Open Tennis Championship Session 26 is played on hard court as opposed to red clay courts used in French Open or grass courts in Wimbledon. The US Open was initially known as the "US National Championship" that held its first men’ singles in 1881. The tournament is held every year over a two-week period during August and September. The championship series attracts masses at the event as well as on live broadcasts. The event is highly alluring and fascinating as the best tennis players from around the world compete in high-paced matches. By acquiring US Open Tennis Championship tickets the audience can witness the highest professional level tennis game for a riveting experience.

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The US Open comprises of several competitions including men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles apart from other competitions. The total prize money for the contest is over twenty one million dollars with the one and a half million dollar awarded to the winner of singles tournaments. Initially known as the "US National Championship," the series entertained only men competitions and tournaments. The first match was held in August 1881 at the Newport Casino, Rhode Island. However, after six years of its inception, the series held its first official women’s singles championship at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in 1887. The sport has seen exceptionally talented and skilled athletes over the years. The past championships and record holders have managed to entertain tennis fans throughout their lively careers. The recent US Open victories have been won by "Novak Djokovic" and "Samantha Stosur" in men’s singles and women’s singles categorizes respectively. Men’s doubles championship is currently held by "Jurgen Melzer" and "Philipp Petzschner" while women’s double title lies with "Liezel Huber" and "Lisa Raymond."  The US Open Session 26 tickets is being highly anticipated by fans to catch the top players indulge in an exciting game of tennis.
The US Open Tennis Championship is one of the four Major series in tennis and comprises the Grand Slam. The tournament is heavily broadcasted through the world and is one of the most watched sports. The US Session 26 tickets will offer a chance for the sports lovers to witness one of the greatest tennis tournaments including men’s and women’s singles as well as doubles. The matches are played on hard clay and purposely built stadiums that allow for an unparalleled experience for fans. By grabbing the US Open Tennis Championship Session 26 tickets the fans can make sure to experience the thrilling tennis matches live.

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