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Tennis Champions Shootout might be the dream come true for every tennis fan or anyone who has been waiting for some heated sports event of the year. As a part of the 2011 Champions Series, the four notable tennis stars, Jim Courier, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, will come face to face in one mighty tennis championship. Tennis Champions Shootout will decide on who is the greatest champion of the year and this will be an event of immense thrill and excitement. Tennis Champions Shootout tickets will be first to go out this season as this is going to be a major tennis event of the year. 

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About Tennis Champions Shootout

This whole tennis extravaganza is now coming to Philadelphia and Wells Fargo Center is the place where it will be held. Home to the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Soul, Philadelphia Wings and Philadelphia Flyers; Wells Fargo Center was previously known as Wachovia Center. The venue was opened to the public in 1996 and has been entertaining thousands of sports fans every year since then. This year, the most talked about event at this venue is the Tennis Champions Shootout which is going to feature four tennis champions to compete in the final event. The place also holds live concerts and hockey games and this time will be turned into a tennis court. With all the facilities of a modern sports venue, Wells Fargo Center is the right choice for an event as grand as Tennis Champions Shootout.
Regarded as one of the greatest tennis players, one of the contestants to compete at the Tennis Champions Shootout is Andre Aggasi, a legendary tennis player with a glorious record. Winner of the 14 Grand Slam titles for the singles games, Pete Sampras is a remarkable tennis player who has a splendid career of 15 years of tennis playing, holding the title for the World No.1 for most of the time. Jim Courier is the third contestant of the Tennis Champions Shootout, winner of four Grand Slam titles and holding the record of being the youngest player to enter the Grand Slam finals. Last but not the leats, John McEnroe is also a brilliant tennis star the winner of seven Grand Slam titles. With all these legendary players, Tennis Champions Shootout is the vent worth attending.  
The event started by the name od Championship Series where matches were held to bring the contestants down to the number where they can compete for the finals and for the champions title. And the competitions brought Courier, McEnroe, Sampras and Agassi for the final battle in which they will play to shine as the ultimate tennis champions. The sports fans in Philadelphia are hurriedly booking Tennis Champions Shootout tickets so that they can enjoy the event in person. And when the venue is as amazing as the Wells Fargo Center, the fun can get two fold. Keeping in view the popularity of the event and demand of the tickets, it won’t be long before the inventories will run out of Tennis Champions Shootout tickets. So book yours as soon as you can otherwise you will miss on an awesome chance to attend one of the most anticipated tennis events of the year.
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