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The Australian Open is an annual professional tennis tournament. It is one of the four biggest and most important international competitions in the sport, which are collectively referred to as the Grand Slam. The contest has a long and rich history, which dates as far back as the early 20th century. It takes place at the start of each year and draws countless tennis fans from all over Australia as well as other parts of the world. Now returning for another year, the Australia Open is going to be as big an event as ever and, as per usual, will have three “sessions.” The Australian Open – Evening Session provides the ideal experience for those who cannot attend during the day and is, therefore, rather popular. Needless to say then, that the Australian Open – Evening Session tickets are likely to be in high demand.

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The first ever Australian Open took place in 1905 at the Warehouseman’s Cricket ground in Melbourne. At the time, it was named the Australasian Championships and was not designed to be a major event, nor was it attended by many people, owing to travelling difficulties. In the early 1920s, however, all of that changed. The tournament was renamed to Australian Championships and began to expand. Over the course of the following few decades, the competition slowly grew in both scale and attendance and, in 1969, was renamed to the Australian Open. By then, the event had become a major international tennis final and had was attended by locals and foreigners alike. Since its inception, the tournament has been held in seven different cities, five of which – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth – are in Australia while the other two – Hastings and Christchurch – are in New Zealand.
The competition itself has been modeled after the other major tennis events in the Grand Slam. It features men’s and women’s singles and doubles along with mixed doubles as well. Furthermore, the Australian Open also features many all-star like legends events as well other exhibition matches. The competition’s offers a hefty reward as well, with each year’s winning millions of dollars. Past winners have included the likes of Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams and Jim Pugh, to name just a few. That said, and because of its status as one of the Grand Slam, the Australian Open, naturally, attracts the cream of the crop of the world’s professional tennis athletes.
The competition’s matches take place throughout the day, in three different “sessions.” These are divided into day, night and evening. The latter are commonly referred to as “twilight sessions.” A total of twenty-five sessions take place over the course of the competition each year, with the Australian Open – Evening Session being very popular. With another year comes another Australian Open and with it, another exciting chance to see your favorite tennis players in action. Like every year, the Australian Open is the one too look out for. Fans will be happy to know that cheap Australian Open – Evening Session tickets are available.

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