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Ever since McDermott won the championship title in 1911, the U.S Open is being won exclusively by the American golfers. Since 1950, golfers from only six countries have been able to win the championship. South Africa has been able to win the championship on five occasions since 1965. From 2004 to 2007, the championship was awarded to non-American winners for four straight years for the very first time since 1910. With a large number of professional golfers coming from all over the world, U.S Open is something not to be missed by the fan of the sport. So witness it live with U.S Open Golf Weekly Pass tickets.

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The US Open Golf - Weekly Pass is an event of the popular United States Open Championship which is a yearly held tournament of golf and is ranked as being the second out of the four main championships of golf. The championship is on the official list of the European Tour as well as the PGA Tour. The event is hosted by the United States Golf Association and is held annually in the middle of June. The final round takes place on a Sunday. If you are a fan of golf or would like to be a part of a superb thrilling sports event then this is the ultimate opportunity for you to get your US Open Golf Weekly Pass tickets and enjoy a fantastic event.
The US Open takes places in diverse array of courses that are propped up in a manner in which scoring is quite hard with a premium which is usually put on correct driving. The tournament is distinguished by its tricky scoring that is at and also around par by the leaders. The winner of the tournament emerges at around even par. Out of the four major golf championships, the US Open tournament happens to be the only one that does not straight away go to a playoff incase two or sometime more players are tied in the final end of the four rounds that take place. However, the players have to play a fifth round of the 18th hole if they are in a tie the next day. If the tie still prevails after that round has taken place then the customary sudden-death playoff is hosted. The sudden-death has taken place only three times in its glorious history after the playoff round. The most recent episode of the sudden-death was when Tiger Woods successfully defeated Rocco Mediate in 2008 on the first extra playoff-hole. The US Open Golf - Weekly Pass is going to be a really exciting event for any avid fan of gold for sure.
NBC along with ESPN broadcast the US Open live on television. There is also a bonus online coverage of the event that is provided by ESPN of the marquee group through the official website of the US Open. On the other hand, NBC is the only television network that covers all four days of tournament. Watching the tournament live in action is a treat for anyone interested in golf or live sports event. The ambience and the energy at the event is absolutely terrific and a lot of fun to be a part of. You can now get your cheap US Open Golf Weekly Pass tickets and experience a memorable sports event.

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