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The United States Open Championship or better known as the U.S Open is the yearly golfing tournament in the US. Being number two of the major championships in golf, it makes its way into the schedule of the PGA and European Tours. It is held by the United States Golf Association, starting in Mid-June and is so scheduled that if there are no delays from bad weather, the final round is held on the third Sunday, usually occurring on Father’s Day. To watch the pre games of this year’s golf tournament, buy US Open Golf—Practice Rounds tickets. The U.S Open is held on varying courses and is placed in such a way that scoring becomes very challenging .Open Play is embodied by constriction of scoring at or about par by the leaders, with the victor usually emergent at or about par. A U.S Open course is rarely beaten rigorously, and there have been many over-par wins (usually because par is set to 70 except for long courses).

Buy US Open Golf Practice Round Tickets

About US Open Golf Practice Round

An open course is often very long and will have a high section of primary rough (usually known as “Open Rough” by the U.S press), swelling greens and pinched fairways. This year’s US open will be held at the “Merion’s East Course”, a golf course that was first established in 1912. In this venue, talented golfers like Olin Dutra and Ben Hogan have been rather successful, taking the trophies and winning the championships in their respective years. The US Amateur has also taken place here several times. In that particular tournament, Bobby Jones came out as the star, winning twice and later on moving to the grand slam as well. In general, the golf courses are set up in many different places, but the goal is always to keep scoring difficult and to make it challenging for the golfers.

Premium status is given to those who have the most accurate driving. The scoring is usually quite tight, and the winner sometimes rises at even par. Even so, the US open is one of the tournaments of the year that do not delve straight into the playoffs. If all players are tied after the four rounds set up, they then play a fifth round on a Monday. If even the fifth ends up in a tie, then it all comes down to sudden death. This situation has only occurred thrice in all its time, more notably in 2008 when Tiger Woods emerged as the champion, defeating Rocco Mediate.

With US Open Golf—Practice Rounds tickets, the audience will have the chance to see who the emerging finalists will be and who poses a challenge to their favorite golfers. The reigning champion is Webb Simpson of the US who claimed his victory at the Olympic Club, Lake Course last year. The playoffs at Ardmore, Pennsylvania will determine this year’s champion. Till then, cheap US Open Golf—Practice Rounds tickets can also be availed by golf enthusiasts.

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