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U.S Open Championship is the second of the four major Golf Championships in the world. Golf fans across the nation anticipate and attend the event in large numbers each year, making it one of the most attended golfing championships in the world. U.S Open also happens to be an official stop on both the European Tour as well as the PGA Tour. The event is held each year during the mid of the month of June, and the whole event is administered by United States Golf Association.

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The final of the U.S Open is played each year on the Father’s Day, given that there aren’t any contingencies related to weather or any other thing that may cause a delay in event. As soon as the event draws nearer, the patrons of the sport start fishing for the best U.S Open Golf Packages & Hospitality offers. So for those haven’t struck a fine deal yet our U.S Open Golf Packages & Hospitality tickets will certainly get you your money’s worth.
Based on its scoring and the variety of courses, U.S Open is considered to be a tough event when it comes to scoring high. It rarely happens that any of the golfers is able to achieve victory with a huge scoring difference from the runner ups. The event features tight scoring which is why the winner is usually able to achieve scores, even or around the par. However in past, there have been over-par wins on several occasions.
U.S Open is played on a couple of different courses. It is also occasionally staged at the open courses which feature three types of surfaces that are high cut of primary rough, undulating greens, and the pinched fairways. Open courses are quite long, and the new courses that have are expected to join the line, will also be adding these features up to meet all the requirements.
As compared to the other four golf championships, if two or more players are tied by the end of the four rounds in U.S Open, they don’t go to a playoff round right away. Instead of that, a fifth round is held comprising of eighteen holes, the very next day. If a tie still exists after the conclusion of the fifth round then a sudden death playoff round is held. Throughout its history, U.S open has gone to that sudden death round on three occasions only by far.
Each year, U.S Open courses attract a large number of golf fans who closely follow their favorite golfers. U.S Open Golf Packages and Hospitality deals near and around the scheduled time of the U.S Open grow high in demand among the fans. So if you happen to be a true golfing fan and are looking for some great deals then our cheap U.S Open Golf Packages and Hospitality tickets are certainly for you. 

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