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The National Hockey League announces the finalization of the Winter Classic 2014 that is scheduled to be held at the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. At the event the Detroit Red Wings will be inviting the Toronto Maple Leafs to fight it out for the big win. These rivals whose clashing history dates back to 1927, will be attracting an attendance of over one hundred thousand fans at the upcoming game. You can also watch the game live from the bleachers, only if you remember to purchase Winter Classic 2014 Detroit Red Wings tickets without wasting any further time. The outdoor annual event that is organized by the National Hockey League was founded in 2008. It usually starts off on the first day on each New Year in which regular season games are played in an event hosted by a team from the association. In the Winter Classic 2014 Detroit Red Wings event the host team is the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings who are calling upon one of their fiercest rivals.

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The debut Winter Classic game was held  after Jon Miller, Vice President of the NBC Sports’ Executive pitched the idea to an ally. Held on the first day of January in 2008, the Winter Classic presented a standoff between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres at the Orchard Park in New York. The game was attended by over seventy one thousand raging hockey fans and the organizers decided to turn the Winter Classic into an annual event due to its increasing popularity. The second Winter Classic brought forth NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks to invite the Detroit Red Wings at a play off that took place at the Wrigley Field in Chicago. Over the years teams that have played at the popular event include the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers. The teams that have competed multiple times include the Pittsburgh Penguins who first played at the debut game and then in 2011, the Philadelphia Flyers competing in 2010 and 2013 and the Detroit Red Wings who first played in 2009 and now are all set to put up a competitive front at the Winter Classic 2014.

To watch the game that is expected to bring in the highest number of attendees to date, you can buy cheap Winter Classic 2014 Detroit Red Wings tickets. Grab your set today as they are being offered at the most affordable prices. The Detroit Red Wings is a highly renowned hockey team that continues to dominate NHL’s Central Division. Currently playing in the association’s Western Conference, the Detroit Red Wings are one of the oldest franchises. Established in 1926, the team has bagged eleven Stanley Cups, becoming the only team in the US to accumulate so may wins. Over the years the franchise has grown to become one of NHL’s most successful teams. Supporters should grab the opportunity of watching their favorite team play at the Winter Classic 2014 Detroit Red Wings game by buying Winter Classic 2014 Detroit Red Wings tickets.

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