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One of the most exciting games of the season is now coming your way with Toronto Maples and Ottawa Senators fighting against each other. The teams have excellent stats to give each other a tough battle.

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About Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators Toronto Tickets

Toronto Maple Leafs is the ice hockey champ with thirteen Stanley Cups to their credit. They are one of the “Original Six” teams of National Hockey league. They have been playing since 1917 and started out as the Toronto Blueshirts. They kept the name for a year till it was altered into Toronto Arenas but that didn’t last long. A year later they were the Toronto St. Patricks and stayed that till 1927 when they finally settled for Toronto Maple Leafs. They have been the northeast champions for five times. Their game play has been one of the most aggressive in the Eastern Conference. They are undoubtedly the most valuable team playing in the entire National Hockey League worth more than four hundred and seventy million dollars. Ottawa Senators are the ice hockey pros playing since the 90s. They have been one of the most perseverant teams of the Northeast division of the Eastern conference. They are the revival team of eleven Stanley cup wining Ottawa Senators playing since 1883. Ottawa Senators have some brilliant National Hockey League players setting a fiery game play including Daniel Alfredsson, Mike Fisher, Jason Spezza and Alexei Yashin. They have been the Eastern Conference champion along with four northeast division titles. You can watch this amazing combat with Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Ottawa Senators Toronto Tickets now!