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Preseason St Louis Blues Tickets Tickets

An ice hockey team that has finally started to make their mark on the league is back as the St.Louis Blues get ready to go tackle the new season. After spending some time on the sides they have now taken center stage to be regarded by many as one of the main contenders to go and life the prestigious Stanley Cup at the end of the season. Grab your St.Louis Blues tickets for the season and watch this wonderful team ply their trade.

About Preseason St Louis Blues Tickets

One of the most important times of the year for any team is before the season starts and the players report back for preseason training and that certainly holds true for the St.Louis Blues as well. For the blues this preseason is even more important because after being mere spectators watching their rivals win championships and trophies they have now turned the tables. They are one of the teams that has had everyone talking. The Blues were formed in the year 1967 as one of the six teams that were drafted to the league in 1967. They started off on the right foot and won the division for the first time two years later in 1969. The success was repeated the next year as they announced their arrival among the big boys in style. After spending the next few years rebuilding they once again reached the divisional summit by winning it in 1977. The trick was repeated again in 1987, 2000 and most recently in 2012.
The St.Louis Blues preseason has the fans of the side excited more than ever before. The legendary Ken Hitchcock took over the coaching reigns with the team in doldrums. He knew the roster was talented enough to pose a serious threat to everyone all that was needed was a little tweaking here and there. His strategy worked brilliantly and the Blues managed to go all the way to lay their hands on the division title. With such a perfect mixture of defense and offense even better things are expected of them now. With such heightened expectations come extra responsibility and pressure which is why the preseason this time around is more important than previous years. It is that time of the year when the new players will team up with seasoned players to fine tuning their preparations for the new season. Preseason is the time when the hype towards the upcoming season starts to build in earnest as the players report back to get rid of the cobwebs.
The St.Louis Blues will be working on offensive and defensive plays all through during preseason coupled with improving the fitness levels of the players so that they are fully prepared for the new season. The Blues need to at least replicate the success of last season to show they have what it takes to succeed consistently. If you are a fan of this wonderful team then make sure you buy St.Louis Blues preseason tickets so that you are there to support your side as they get ready.