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You may have heard of art imitating life but instances of life imitating art are few and far between. On top of that, ducks are hardly considered creatures that come off as intimidating, let alone displaying might. Secure some cheap preseason Anaheim Ducks tickets to witness one bunch show their aggressiveness on the ice rather than in flight. The Walt Disney Company has been known to have brought the likes of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck to animated life. However the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim came into being in 1993 as the real-life incarnation of the reel-life 'Mighty Ducks' that had been depicted in the namesake 1992 Disney movie. In 2005, the ice hockey team was sold over to Susan and Henry Samueli and dropped the 'Mighty' part of its name.

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The Anaheim Ducks may not have been mighty in name anymore but they stormed their way through the 2006-2007 NHL season, clinching the Stanley Cup. They also became the champions of their respective Pacific Division as well as the Western Conference the same year, adding the victory to their previous one achieved back in 2003. The Anaheim Ducks have also clinched the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl twice. The Anaheim Ducks sport a stylized logo of a webbed foot which looks more like the delta-winged B2 Bomber. The preseason Anaheim Ducks games will surely have these birds of a blade flocking together and slicing up the competition. So secure some preseason Anaheim Ducks tickets to see these ducks shoot a flurry of pucks to blast away their rivals.

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