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The beautiful city of Vancouver is a sightseer’s delight with its vast arrays of attractions that are bound to leave tourists spell bound. But the city holds an even closer and more special place in the hearts of ice hockey fans as they get the perfect chance to watch their favorite game being played by two of the most iconic clubs in the National Hockey League (NHL). Now you too can be a part of the excitement as the 2014 NHL Heritage Classic pits the Ottawa Senators against the mighty Vancouver Canucks in a thrilling game of ice hockey; buy Outdoor Series Heritage Classic Vancouver Canucks tickets now.

Buy Outdoor Series Heritage Classic Vancouver Canucks Tickets

About Outdoor Series Heritage Classic Vancouver Canucks

The NHL Heritage Classic is as good as it gets in the world of ice hockey as it hosts a unique event of outdoor ice hockey. The event has been an integral part of the Heritage Classis series that is an extension of the regular NHL season. It includes games being played indoors in the respective home stadiums of the host teams. Thus, this event brings together the joy of outdoors with the thrill of an exciting game of ice hockey. For this special event, the neutral venue which has been chosen is one of Vancouver’s most well-known stadiums, the BC Place. The choice of such a large stadium with a retractable roof has been made keeping in mind the large number of crowd that is expected to show up. It is expected that the attendance level will surpass those of a regular season NHL game. This is your chance to sit in the same stadium that has previously hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics as well as the 2010 Paralympics. So hurry and buy Outdoor Series Heritage Classic Vancouver Canucks tickets now.

There is not much new that can be said about the two opponents in the game that has not been already said before. Both teams come from highly successful franchises.  Both teams play at opposite ends of the league with the Canucks making their mark in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference while the Senators have made the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference their own. The rivalry between the two has seen the share of the spoils being divided regularly as each team tries to snatch a famous victory over its fierce rival. The Senators have a never-say-die attitude which has made their team become a regular fixture in the playoffs. In the course of this, the Ottawa Senators have also won four Division titles as well as a Presidents Cup trophy.

The fierce rivals have a solid fan base which will be quite evident as the event will take place in their hometown. The Canucks have an impressive haul in their trophy cabinet as well which includes 3 Western Conference trophies as well as an astounding 10 Pacific Division title trophies. Both teams have one other thing in common; they have been sorely missing the big prize which every ice hockey team dreams of; the Stanley Cup. But a famous victory over a fierce rival can go a long way in setting the tone for the ongoing season and might change their fortunes for the better. In this scenario, both teams will go all out to score a famous victory and secure bragging rights.

Hometown support means a lot to the team in such encounters. Especially in this case when both teams will be playing outdoors in a bigger and neutral stadium, they will be expecting their fans to win the psychological battle even before the match begins. And that can only happen through the team with the largest and loudest s fans. So if you are in ice hockey enthusiast then do not miss this golden opportunity to enjoy the upcoming game; buy Outdoor Series Heritage Classic Vancouver Canucks tickets now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I have lost my outdoor series heritage classic vancouver canucks tickets so can I get them replaced free of cost?

A:No, you will now have to buy new Vancouver Canucks Tickets in order to attend the game.

Q:Can I have my vancouver canucks tickets transferred to someone else?

A:No, you cannot have your Vancouver Canucks Tickets transferred to someone else.

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