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Based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, the Chicago Blackhawks are among some of the most talented professional ice hockey teams in the country. They were formed in the year 1926 and have been playing outstanding ice hockey ever since then. They have fans all across the globe and their live games are popular for being extremely intense and full of excitement. Now, you too have a chance to catch this incredible team play right in front of your eyes. That's right, we provide you with NHL Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks Tickets right here! So wait no more and grab your NHL Finals Chicago Blackhawks Tickets from us today if you want to witness them live in action!

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Known simply as the Hawks among their fans, the Chicago Blackhawks are part of the Central Division of the Western Conference in the National Hockey League. Ever since their inception, the team has managed to win four Stanley Cup tournaments. They have been playing their home games at the United Center ever since the year 1994, before which they used to play their home matches at the Chicago Stadium. They played there for sixty five years before moving to the United Center. Their team colors are white, black, and red.
The Chicago Blackhawks were one of the five teams to join the National Hockey League when it expanded to the United States in the year 1926. They were added to the league along with the New York Rangers and the Detroit Cougars. The initial players of the team had originally been a part of the Portland Rosebuds before joining the Chicago Blackhawks. The first owner of the team was Frederic McLaughlin, who was a coffee tycoon. He won the bid for the franchise from James E. Norris.
The Chicago Blackhawks have Tommy Hawk as their mascot. Their mascot is seen wearing hockey pants, a Blackhawks jersey as well as the four feathers of the Blackhawks on his head. The team has won countless championships, such as fourteen Division championships, one Presidents' Trophy, two Conference titles and four Stanley Cup titles. Their current owners are Wirtz Corporation and they have the talented Jonathan Toews as their head coach along with Stan Bowman as their general manager.
The official fight song of the Chicago Blackhawks is titled Here Come the Hawks. The writer of the track was J. Swayzee and it had the Dick Marx Orchestra and Choir as its producer. The logo of the team was designed by Irene Castle, who was the wife of McLaughlin. It got voted the best logo in the National Hockey League in the year 2008. Do not miss the upcoming games of the Chicago Blackhawks as we are giving away Stanley Cup Finals Chicago Blackhawks Tickets right here. So wait no more and get your NHL Stanley Cup Finals Chicago Blackhawks Tickets from us today! 

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