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The NHL season has entered its final straight which is why the playoffs are around the corner as well. One of those series reads as the NHL Conference Finals: Florida Panthers. It has taken a lot of effort and a lot of perseverance by everyone connected with the franchise to make it to this stage but now that the dream has come true they are going to enjoy it. Fans, grab your NHL Conference Finals: Florida Panthers tickets and join in the fun.

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About NHL Eastern Conference Finals Florida Panthers

The fact that the Conference Finals: Florida Panthers is being talked about this season is a source of immense pride and satisfaction for the side that has been on the fringes of making the playoffs for quite a time now. The Florida Panthers were formed by the businessman H. Wayne Huizenga in the year 1993. Due to it being a new side, the franchise started to share the Miami Arena with the NBA’s Miami Heat. Scott Mellanby and John Vanbiesbrouck were signed with the former going on to reach the thirty goal mark in his first season with the Panthers. They won their first game by beating the Tampa Bay Lightning by the score of 2-0. The season was a historic one which by the end of the season was the best ever by an expansion side in history. Not only that, it was also the best debut season by a team which was in large part due to the exploits of Mellanby putting the puck in the back of the net frequently.
The next season wasn’t too bad either and the team once again almost made it to their first ever playoffs. The 1996 season changed all that and the Panthers squared-off against the Boston Bruins in the playoffs. They won the series in five games which was an incredible achievement for a team just three years old. Flyers and the Penguins were downed next to confirm a date with the Colorado Avalanche for the Stanley Cup crown. That however proved a step too far and Avalanche won the series. The next decade or so was spent in rebuilding the side from the slump that had engulfed the side. The management decided to ban k on youth and got rid of some of the old guard to move to the next era. That move paid dividends in the 2011-2012 season as the Panthers won their division crown to make it to the playoffs after fifteen long years.
The Conference Finals: Florida Panthers is a result of the new direction and tough decisions taken over previous years, especially in 2010. Yes, it has been a long time coming but now that they are back, it certainly looks as if the Panthers are here to stay. The fans share the optimism which is one of the biggest reasons Conference Finals: Florida Panthers tickets will be bought in droves by these supporters to usher a glorious new era.

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