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Almost every major sport played in the country has maintained the tradition of showcasing their best talent in an annually held All Star Game. These games give fans a chance to see the best players in the league forgetting about their differences with each other and playing together on the same team. The NHL too started this tradition and the first All Star Game in hockey was played over a hundred years ago in 1908. Today it has turned in to one of the most highly anticipated fixtures on the entire NHL calendar. Its latest edition is now just around the corner, so grab your NHL All Star tickets and catch all the action live.

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NHL All Star Game Amalie Arena Tampa Sunday
1/28/2018 3:30 PM

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Several changes have been made to the rules and regulations that govern the NHL All Star Game over the years to make it more exciting and to stop it from getting stagnant. The fixture usually generates a lot of excitement among hockey fans. The increasingly high attendance records witnessed over the years is a testament to that. The game has also been a great way for the NHL to showcase the incredible amount of talent they have at their disposal, all in one game. The first All Star Game in professional hockey was played before the NHL was founded. It was held in 1908, between the Montreal Wanderers, the winners of the Stanley Cup, and an All Star team consisting of players from every other side that existed. This game was held to commemorate the loss of the Wanderers player Hod Stuart and was meant to raise money to help his family. The contest was very well received and laid the groundwork for future such fixtures.     


The next such game was played in 1933 and was held in order to help out Toronto Maple Leafs’ Ace Bailey who had been severely injured during a league fixture. His injury proved to be a very serious one and Bailey was unable to play hockey again which is why a benefit All Star game was held in his honor. That encounter pitted an All Star team against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was also the first time that an All Star Game was held under the management of the NHL. Two more All Star Games were played to help out NHL players and their families. The first one was held in 1937 for Howie Morenz of the Montreal Canadiens who died of complications suffered as a result of an injury during a hockey game. The second one was played in 1939 for Babe Siebert another Canadiens player who tragically drowned in Lake Huron. The All Star Game finally became an annual fixture in the NHL after the 1947-1948 season and has been held every year since, barring some special circumstances.


The first format followed by the NHL for the games was the same that had been followed in the previous editions but with a few changes. The contest took place at the very start of the season. The Stanley Cup winners used to face off against an All Star team consisting of players from every other team in the league. The All Star sides were selected from the players that were on the first and second NHL All Star team. The list of players was voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association who selected the two teams from the best performers. This format lasted for quite a long time before the current format was adopted.


The new format changed the time of the game itself. It was shifted to mid-season and the selections of the players taking part were also changed. The new format saw the formation of East and West Conferences with their All Star squads facing each other. The teams began to be selected by a fans vote and the Professional Hockey Writers' Association picks combined. This format was very well received and has been prevalent ever since albeit small changes. The All Star game is now a much awaited annual event on the NHL calendar. Fans all over the world wait with baited breath for these exciting games and it gives them a chance to see their favorite players playing together in one place. It is now back for another installment of adrenaline pumping hockey action. Grab your NHL All Star Game tickets and catch every second of it live at the arena.

Apart from the preseason and the regular season, there is something more that NHL offers, and that is NHL All Star Games. At the midpoint of regular season, these games bring the top players from the whole National Hockey League to compete on the grounds, not for a trophy or a title, but for the benefit of the players themselves. Proceeds which go the pension funds of the players is a motivation enough for them to play with the same ardor and strength as they do in the regular season. As for the tickets to the All Star games, they enjoy popularity a bit more than the regular season for the reason that these games are a bit too special. Like every year, 2015 NHL All Star Game tickets are enjoying a hot demand with every fan trying to get their hands on these golden tickets.  
Every year, right when the NHL season is at its crux, the league brings together the best talent to play in an exciting event. The 2013 NHL All Star Game is also one of such events. The best part about the game is that fans get to be part of it more than just sitting and cheering from the stands. The selection process for the players to appear for the game is done by both fans and the NHL’s Hockey Operations Department where fans get to vote for the first line players from the Eastern and Western Conference while the rest of the roster is chosen by the department. With having a great chance of choosing who they want to see in a game, fans get a sense of support.
Overall, this selection process of 2015 NHL All Star Game resembles a draft game. Here the task of the team is to elect a bunch of good players where a selected few are chosen through fan voting and Operations Department. If they are approved, they are excused by the league and that is where the real thrill begins. A different team is picked every season to host the game which is an honor for them.  
NHL All Star Game is a great opportunity for the fans to see the crème of the crop ice hockey players in one spot, competing in what is known to be one of the fiercest and high-wire events of the league. Held since 1947 except in 1995, 2005 and during Winter Olympics, NHL All Star games have remained like the big star on top of the Christmas tree in the history of NHL.  
NHL All Star Games come as a refreshing treat during the regular season to provide fans with even more of a fun time then there already is. For the ice hockey buffs who just cannot get enough of their favorite games will find 2013 NHL All Star Game to be the perfect event to attend. The option of NHL All Star Game tickets is also something which makes these games all the more tempting. 


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