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The Montreal Canadiens, nicknamed in English as Habs, is a professional ice hockey team from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The team plays in the Eastern Conference of the Northeast Division in National Hockey League (NHL). It is presently being head coached by Jacques Martin while Brian Gionta is the captain. It is among the six teams which were a part of National Hockey Association (NHA) which became defunct after the formation of the now-functioning National Hockey League. Grab your cheap Montreal Canadiens tickets asap.

About Montreal Canadiens

Founded in 1909, Montreal Canadiens is the oldest professional hockey franchise in the world. It was originally formed to appeal to the French-speaking population of Canada but is now worshipped by fans across the Americas. The official name of the club is le Club de hockey Canadien and even when the names is written in English Canadien is spelt with an 'e' instead of the usual 'a'. They are the team with most Stanley Cups to their name which also remains one of their biggest achievements to date. Red, blue and white are the team colors with one of the most familiar sports logo of 'C' and 'H' in blue, red and white, also the colors in their uniform. The letters refer to the official name of the team i.e. le Club de Hockey Canadien. The official home sweater of the team is red with blue stripes on the sleeves, another across the chest with the logo on it and on the waist. In the main road white sweater the shoulders are covered with red and blue stripes across the waist while the arm sleeves have red at the end.

Youppi is the official mascot of Montreal Canadiens. Youppi was previously the official mascot of Montreal Expos basketball team who dropped it after moving to DC in 2004. Youppi, an orange, hairy giant, sports the team's home uniform and is also one of the most familiar mascots in sports. Before that, the team has had children as their mascots including the children of some of its famous players. Bell Centre has been the home of the team since 1996 when they moved from Montreal Forum when the latter was destroyed by fire in 1918. Before that the Canadiens have played at Jubilee Rink Montreal, Westmount Arena and Mount Royal Arena. One of the iconic figures of the team Maurice Richard aka 'The Rocket' is the most productive goal-scorer of his times. He was the first player to achieve the fest of 50 goals in 50 games which is a rare accomplishment. Jacques Plante is another notable player with most wins in the team's history. He introduced the use of the goaltender mask when in 1959 at Madison Square garden he was injured during the game. Since then, he has improvised the mask with the help of experts and is considered to be the one of the forerunners of the helmet that goaltenders today wear as a part of their uniform.

Montreal Canadiens is the most successful team in National Hockey League. The team has the honor of being the most successful professional teams among the four major traditional sports of America and Canada. The team has a record of five straight winnings especially the prestigious Stanley Cup from 1956-60. By losing only 8 games in 80 games season, the team also made a record for the least loses. Bell Centre, where the team has been playing since 1996 is the world's busiest arena with the largest number of attendance which speaks volumes for the team's popularity. The arena is also NHL's largest arena with a seating capacity of 21, 273 seats. With a huge fan base across Canada and America, Montreal Canadiens is unofficially ranked the most popular team in NHL closely followed by its rivals New Jersey Devils. The team also boasts the most number of players on NHL Hall of Fame. Some of the biggest names in hockey are Canadiens - Guy Lafleur, Guy Lapointe, Maurice Richard, Larry Robinson, Ken Dryden and Jacques Plante.

Since its inception in 1909, Montreal Canadiens tickets have seen many ups and downs in terms of sales. However, the team remains one of the favorite professional ice hockey teams of all times. Their mascots and initials are iconic symbols of success in sports. Their huge fans base across Canada and America testimonies the team's popularity. With the most number of wins, especially the Stanley Cup, and famous players to its credit, the team itself is a legend.