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Ice hockey season has taken off once more. This February, fans will be able to witness the showdown between two prominent teams of the sport--the Minnesota Wild and the Detroit Red Wings. Both teams have undergone some significant changes during the past seasons which will prove to be a challenge when they meet for a match in the upcoming tournaments. People with Minnesota Wild vs Detroit Red Wings tickets will be able to witness right before their eyes which team overcomes the difficulties and rises to the top. The Minnesota Wild has slowly but surely been solidifying its status as a serious contender of the sport. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, the ice hockey team is classified by the "National Hockey League" or the NHL as being part of the "Northwest Division" and the "Western Conference".

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Minnesota Wild vs Detroit Red Wings

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Minnesota Wild vs. Detroit Red Wings Xcel Energy Center Saint Paul Sunday
3/4/2018 6:30 PM

About Minnesota Wild vs Detroit Red Wings

They are the only major league sports group of their city, even though many other popular teams have been playing and representing it for a long time. Entities like the Vikings or the Minnesota Twins are famous in their own sport, but neither have achieved the status that the Wilds hold today. Compared to the other sports organizations, however, the Minnesota Twins are still a relatively new team. They were formed in 1997 but did not start playing until it was the 2000-2001 season. Despite being a recent addition, they have immediately become the only NHL franchise in Minnesota. The only other team to hold this certification before them was the "Minnesota North Stars". Within their first five games, the newly formed team scored a win; by their second season, they reached the finals. Last season, they maintained a decent point score average of .524 which has made them into a team to beat.

The team that will be taking on the Wilds later on this month are the Detroit Red Wings. They too are official members of the "National Hockey League" and are grouped under the "Central Division" by the Western Conference. This team is in fact one of the original six that had made up the NHL back in the day. As competitors, they have hardly ever seen defeat. They have an astonishing 11 number of wins in the Stanley Cup, which is the highest number any United States based team has achieved. In the world overall, they are only behind the "Toronto Maple Leaves" and the "Montreal Canadiens".

They are a much celebrated team with a huge fan base--hundreds of Minnesota Wild vs Detroit Red Wings tickets are being bought by their followers alone. They play their games at the "Joe Louis Arena" which has a capacity of 20,066 people in a single match. During their entire career, the Red Wings have only missed four playoffs. In the past 28 years, they have appeared in 26 playoffs. Excitement and hysteria follows them everywhere they go, thus the upcoming match against the Wilds will prove to be an eventful event no matter which team wins.

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