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In the world of ice hockey, Detroit Red Wings stand tall among the toughest and most favorite National Hockey League teams. They have lifted the Stanley Cup 11 times and are the top in that ranking. Red Wings is one of the original six teams and have elegantly proven to be a genuine ice hockey sensation since 1926. Red Wings have been backed by some great coaches like Jack Adams, Tommy Ivan, Mike Ilitch and Scotty Bowman. It's been coaches' hard work and coordination with the players that Red Wings have become such a feared team of the Central Division. Cheap Detroit Red Wings Tickets are available now; book them and enjoy some superb ice hockey game.

About Detroit Red Wings Tickets

Red Wings have been accustomed to the octopus ritual since 1952; it is just now that the football folks thought of having one to predict which side will win. Each year, the tradition of tossing the octopus in the ice rink is believed to have brought good luck to the team. And the Red Wings players are so into this Octopus thing that they have made one such octopus their unofficial mascot named Al. Two of these purple colored stuffed octopuses are found hanging to the ceiling of team's home ground during their play offs. God knows if it was charm of octopus or the team's untiring efforts behind such impressive record of 18 Division championships, 6 Conference championships and of course 11 Stanley Cup titles. The fans and critics can believe anything but it is clear that octopus tradition with go on for Red Wings.

Detroit Red Wings were approved as the franchise in 1926 and were named Cougars in honor of the folded Victoria Cougars. The team played its first season in Windsor, Ontario as there was no arena facility available for them in Detroit. Soon in 1927, Detroit Olympia became Cougars home ground and remained so till 1979. Cougars qualified for the Stanley Cup in 1929 but Toronto Maple Leafs was too good for the young Cougars. The next year, team's name was changed to Falcons but the name could not bring any luck to squad. The management, coach and the players kept kicking until they reached the final match of Stanley Cup in 1934. Although, Chicago Blackhawks defeated them in that match but Falcons had already touched the skies where they were destined to reach and rule shortly.

In 1940s, Red Wings were determined to win major cups and championship and players like Sid Abel, William Hollett, Ebbie Goodfellow, Syd Howe, Sid Abel, Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Jim McFadden and Mud Bruneteau made this team a reality. It was during 40s, 50s and 60s that Red Wings won the most cups and titles. These titles include: 8 time Prince of Wales Trophy, 5 times Stanley Cup and dozens of individual players awards and trophies. Gordie Howe is the most notable players of NHL history and he remained the Red Wing Captain from 1958 to 1962. It was during his time that Red Wings got the top spot in the NHL ranking and won most of the play off and regular season's games. This glorious era was followed by the dark era of 15 years' disappointment from 1967 to 1982 where despite tossing several octopuses in the rink, Red Wings could not get their grooves on.

Finally the Wings had some match turning players like Steve Yzerman, Ron Dugyat, John Ogrodnic, Brad Park, Bob Probert, Gerard Gallant, Adam Oates, Petr Klima, Danny Gare, Darren Veitch, Darren McCarty, Slava Kozlov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Paul Coffey and Nicklas Lindstrom who helped the club to get back in the winning shape. The team today is in the best shape for any match and so are their fans. Each home game of the Red Wings brings celebration at Joe Louis Arena where the loud presence of over 20 thousand fans makes the game extremely interesting. There is nothing better than booking Detroit Red Wings Tickets to enjoy the winter sports with some heart pumping ice hockey games. Just make sure you have these tickets before they are sold out.

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