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Buffalo Sabres joined the ranks of National Hockey League in 1970 accompanied by Vancouver Canucks. Owned by the Knox family, Sabres restored Buffalo’s hockey tradition after the demise of American Hockey League’s Buffalo Bisons. After acquiring the new National Hockey League franchise for the city, the Knox family decided to opt for some name other than Bison. For that matter, they commissioned a contest to name the team. After hundreds and thousands of entries, Sabres was chosen as the name for the team. With a list of accomplishments over the years, Buffalo Sabres have grown to enjoy massive amounts of fan following and success over the years. This is why when their season games draw nearer, even the Buffalo Sabres Preseason tickets sell out soon as they fans look for Buffalo Sabres tickets for sale.  

About Buffalo Sabres

After having a few moderately successful seasons initially, Buffalo Sabres finally made it to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in the franchise’s history to have their first taste of some major accomplishment. Sabres went up against the Philadelphia Flyers in the finals, and played them even during dense fog that was there on Game 3. Although Sabres managed to win that famous Fog Game but they weren’t able to get a hold of the Stanley cup.   
Buffalo Sabres made their second appearance in the Stanley Cup finals during their 1979-80 regular season. And after having a couple of moderately successful seasons in between, Sabres made it to the finals for the third time during 1997-98 season. The ownership of the team also changed hands before the season commenced. The team was now sold to John Rigas due to poor financial conditions. That season, after winning their third Conference championship, Buffalo Sabres progressed to the Stanley cup finals to face Dallas Stars this time. However, the Sabres weren’t still lucky enough to claim the trophy.
The team’s ownership changed once again after the owner of the team, John Rigas, was convicted on fraud charges. Due to that, the league overtook the team and then later on the ownership of the team was overtook by Tom Golisano. Golisano’s ownership of the team was made official on March 19, 2003. Sabres’ 2006-7 season saw the debut of teams’ new jerseys and logos. Also during that season, Sabres started their regular season with the winning streak of ten games which broke all the previous records of the consecutive wins in the franchise history. In addition, in the history of NHL, Sabres became the second team to open their regular season with the winning streak of ten games.
Buffalo Sabres current regular season promises to bring the same kind of action and thrills that it always does. So being their loyal fan, if you’re looking for Buffalo Sabres tickets then you can buy cheap Buffalo Sabres tickets right here. And since Buffalo Sabres hockey tickets grow high in demand during their season, it is recommended that you grab your Buffalo Sabres tickets at your first instance.