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The outstanding Boston Bruins and the remarkable Philadelphia Flyers will be meeting up at the home of the Boston Bruins, the city of Boston itself, for a sensational pro ice hockey game that is bound to be remembered in the history of pro ice hockey. The Boston Bruins are an awesome pro ice hockey team that first started out as an expansion team in the NHL back in 1924 to become one of the six original NHL teams. Since then, this team has made a name for itself in the world ice hockey and has the second most Stanley Cup championships. The Boston Bruins have won a record six Stanley Cups and can be found slamming around the puck at the TD Garden. This team is presently the reigning Stanley Cup champions after brutally humiliating the Vancouver Chucks in an awesome Stanley Cup match. Aside from that, this team has won the Prince of Wales Trophy a record sixteen times.

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The Philadelphia Flyers, one of the most spectacular pro ice hockey teams in the US, can be found playing at Broad Street in the city of Philadelphia. This team is the first NHL team that won the Stanley Cup outside of the original six NHL teams. They joined this pro ice hockey league back in 1967 and have since then made a fine name for themselves. Their all time point percentage of .578 comes second overall in the NHL and is just a few points behind the Montreal Canadiens .590. Thus, this is a team that can be easily considered as the second best in the wider NHL. They have won eight Conference Championships and are the expansion team with the largest number of semifinal and conference appearances. All in all, a match with this second best NHL team and one of the Original Six NHL teams is bound to set sparks to the cold ice hockey field, something that can be seen fabulously, live, through Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers Boston tickets.