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Anaheim Ducks tickets take hockey fans to sport on another professional Ice Hockey team play in the National Hockey League. The Anaheim Ducks are based in the city of Anaheim, California and are members of the Western Conference and play in its Pacific Division. They have won the Western Conference Championship twice and the Pacific Division title and the Stanley Cup Championship once each. Currently the team is captained by Ryan Getzlaf and coached by Randy Carlyle. Robert Murray is the General Manager.

About Anaheim Ducks Tickets

The team’s name is based on the movie about some kids who get together to make a Hockey team and go on to become winners. The Anaheim Ducks were founded in 1993 by The Walt Disney Company. They were originally called The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and then the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The name was changed to the present Anaheim Ducks after the franchise was sold by Disney to Henry and Susan Samuei in 2005. They played their first game against the Detroit Red Wings and lost 7-2. The team tasted its first victory in the third game in franchise history, beating the Edmonton Oilers 4-3.
The 2002-03 season was a great one for the Anaheim Ducks. After reaching the Playoffs they beat the Detroit Red Wings and the Dallas Stars to reach the Conference Final. They defeated Minnesota Wild to win the Western Conference Championship, but failed against the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley cup Finals. 2006-07 was another unforgettable year for Anaheim Ducks fans. They won the Divisional Championship and went on to the Playoffs to win the Western Conference Championship for the second time. In their next match, they set aside the Ottawa Senators 4-1 to lift the Stanley Cup. The Anaheim Ducks were the first team from California to win the Stanley cup.
With cheap Anaheim Ducks tickets hockey fans will be escorted to the team's home games at the Honda Centre. This is a state of the art indoor arena in Anaheim. It was previously known as the Pond of Anaheim and the Anaheim Arena, before the naming rights were obtained by Honda in 2006. It was opened in 1993 and presently hosts Basketball, Concerts, theatre along with Ice Hockey. For an Anaheim Ducks match it can seat more than seventeen thousand spectators. The team colors for the Anaheim Ducks are Orange, Black and Metallic Gold.  The official team Mascot is the duck, Wild Wing. The name was chosen by the fans through balloting. Wild Wing has been associated with the Anaheim Ducks since inception and its antics are adored by the cheering fans.
Since the establishment of the franchise, the Anaheim Ducks have continued to impress with their performance. As per 2010-2011 season they lost to the Nashville Predators in the Conference Quarter Finals. They are one of the top teams in the NHL today and are expected to reach the Playoffs in the upcoming season. The fans are looking forward to watch the Anaheim Ducks games, and Anaheim Ducks tickets are the only way to ensure this favorite team in another fast track ice hockey game.

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