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The Mighty Ducks was the name of a very successful Disney movie that was released in 1992. The very next year the Disney Corporation decided to launch their NHL franchise based on it . That is when the Anaheim Ducks were born. One of the youngest franchises in the league, they have been remarkably successful and have won numerous titles to date. Their form in the last few seasons has also been quite good and they look like a team on an upward trajectory. The last campaign was one of their best in recent memory and this season they look to have gotten even better. Catch every game live by getting your Anaheim Ducks Anaheim tickets to watch your favorite side play at home.

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The Ducks have had a good run in the NHL so far. In the last twenty seasons that they have been a part of the league, they have only posted a losing season eight times. Last season was statistically one of their best to date as they missed out on the President’s Trophy by just one point.


The franchise has been significantly improving over the years and has managed to become a dangerous opposition in the league which is why they have won a number of titles till now. They have won two conference championships, three division titles and one Stanley Cup. For their fans, it must be the most exciting time in the franchise’s entire history and if the Ducks continue down this path, the team is destined to improve even further.