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Dallas Mavericks is a professional basketball club based in Dallas, Texas. The club was formed in 1980 and currently competes in NBA’s Western Conference in Southeast Division. Forbes Magazine named them as the United States’ fourth most valuable team of basketball, worth $497 million. When in 1973, Dallas’ basketball team was located to San Antonio, businessman Don Carter along with Norm Sonju decided to form a franchise. In 1979 they asked the state for the rights for bringing the NBA franchise to Dallas, which was approved through voting in 1980 at the NBA All-Star Game. In order to attend their thrilling upcoming game, book cheap Dallas Mavericks preseason tickets today!

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About Preseason Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks get their name from a television series “Maverick” that aired on American Broadcast Company from 1957 – 1962. The voting took place between three names, Mavericks, Express and Wranglers, while voters participated through postcards. 4600 of these postcards were received in the favor of Mavericks. During the 80s, Mavericks made a real good mark in the Western Conference, under the leadership of Mark Aguirre. Between 1983 and 1990 they managed to make it to six playoffs. They won the Midwest Division 86-67 and reached Western Conference finals as well, although without success, since Los Angeles Lakers were the most dominant team of that era.
Dallas Mavericks experienced a dry patch from 1990 to 2000. They didn’t make it to any playoffs and some internal matters disturbed the players. However, the Mavs made their return during 2000s. Their players Michael Finlay, Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash were referred to as the “Big Three.” The team got a new owner Mark Cuban and was coached by Don Nelson. In 2003, they made it to Conference final.

Dallas Mavericks are best known for the regular season 2006-07. After winning sixty seven games, the team made the best record in NBA. With 57-game wins, they made it to the NBA Finals and won a close first round. Reaching Western Conference Finals, the team won their second Western Conference title. In 2011, the team made it to the NBA Finals with Miami Heat and defeating them won their very first NBA Championship. In eleven continuous seasons, the team has won fifty games. The winning streak lasted from 2001 – 2012.

Dallas Mavericks have an intense rivalry with San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns. Till the date they have managed to win three division titles, two conference titles and one NBA championship. Their logo and uniform have changed over the years and as of 2011, their colors are silver, royal blue, navy blue and white. Three of their players have been inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. They are, Adrian Dantley, Alex English and Dennis Rodman. If you are planning to attend their upcoming preseason match, make sure you buy Dallas Mavericks preseason tickets in time!

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