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The very agile Brooklyn Nets are about to face against one of their tough opponents and a thrilling match is guaranteed. Brooklyn Nets have been in the game for over four decades now. The Nets play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. Till date the Nets have got 1 ABA and 4 NBA divisional titles to their name. They have yet to win an NBA championship. If you want to see some real basketball action then be ready for the upcoming game of Nets. Book your Brooklyn Nets tickets now.

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About Preseason Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets is basketball team that is headquartered in Brooklyn New York City. The team was founded in 1967. Initially they were known as New Jersey Americans as they were playing in the American Basketball Association (ABA), during this time they were based in Teaneck, New Jersey. The team soon moved to Long Island as New York Nets and played there from 1967 to 1977. The team relocated to New Jersey and was renamed New Jersey Nets. After a period of thirty-five years the New Jersey Nets finally moved back once again to New York in Brooklyn and were named Brooklyn Nets. The current manager of the team is Billy King whereas Every Johnson is the head coach. The official team colors are White and Black. The Nets now play all their home games at the famous Barclays Center that is located on 620 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. This is a multipurpose event complex that has the capacity to seat up to 18000 fans.  
The Brooklyn Nets have won 4 divisional titles, three in a row in 2002, 03 and 04 then in 2006 they won their fourth title. The best years for the Nets were 2002 and 2003 as they were simply unstoppable and went on to win not only the divisional games but also the conference titles. In 2002 they stood at the top in the Atlantic division and beat the very strong Boston Celtics in Conference finals but lost to Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals. The very next year they were again #1 in their division, they beat Detroit Pistons in conference finals but this time they lost the NBA finals to San Antonio Spurs. For the last few years they have not been able to qualify for the playoffs. Some key players for the Nets are Keith Bogans, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. Four of the Brooklyn Nets players have been inducted in the esteemed Basket Ball Hall of Fame.
Watching games of Brooklyn Nets on local sports channels or cables is surely interesting but the real excitement lies in watching the Nets live at the arena. You will be gripped by the agility and determination of this fine team. Don’t miss this great chance of watching them live. Good news is that now you can get cheap Brooklyn Nets tickets, so book your seats as soon as possible.

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