Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

When you have been playing basketball for as long as the Los Angeles Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers, your game advances to such a degree of complexity that whatever comes out on court is sheer brilliance. These two squads have been playing for as long as the National Basketball Association has been in existence and have built up an impressive legacy, amassing numerous honors and titles along the way. Where the 76ers have endorsed American patriotism in their team's colors, what with them being red, white and blue, the Lakers have opted for more imperial hubris as being expressed by their team colors of purple, gold and white. Clinch some 76ers Vs Lakers tickets to witness them go ball-istic at each other.  

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Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Lakers

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Staples Center Los Angeles Wednesday
11/15/2017 7:30 PM
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Los Angeles Lakers Wells Fargo Center - PA Philadelphia Thursday
12/7/2017 8:00 PM

About Philadelphia 76ers vs Los Angeles Lakers

In the aftermath of WWII the Syracuse Nationals were spawned as part of the National Basketball League but joined the NBA in 1949. The team acquired its current moniker of the 76ers in 1963, adopting it from the American year of independence/Masonic initiation i.e. 1776 when it relocated to Philadelphia. Irv Kosloff, who was a paper magnate during the sixties, bought the franchise from the original owner in 1963 and moved them into the Philadelphia Arena.
The Lakers are not just undoubtedly the most prolific of all NBA teams but are widely considered to be one of the most accomplished teams in any major sport. The team has yielded a total a total of 16 Hall of Famers, including legends such as Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the jersey number of whom have also been retired by the team. Future Hall of Famers include former Laker Shaquille O'Neil and current captain Kobe Bryant, the latter also being part of the US National Basketball Team that claimed gold at the 2012 London Olympics. The Lakers came into existence in 1947 in Minnesota, named so after the respective state's reputation of being the "Land of 10,000 Lakes". Your Philadelphia 76ers Vs Los Angeles Lakers tickets will treat you to their rocketing ball playing.
The 76ers are three time NBA champions, first becoming ones whilst they were still the National during the 1954-55 season and second time around by a squad led by Wilt Chamberlain in 1967. Wilt "the Stilt" is also the most famous connection between the 76ers and the Lakers, having joined the latter right after leading the 76ers to NBA glory in his third season. The 76ers also have 9 Eastern Conference titles and five Atlantic Division titles to their credit. The 76ers Vs Lakers game will definitely see the two teams going against each other with no holds barred.
The Lakers are only a championship shy of the Boston Celtics in their all-time haul of 16 NBA titles, though also having claimed an NBL championship prior to joining the NBA. Additionally they have bounced and rebounded their way to a whopping 32 Conference championships and almost two dozen Davison titles. So be there at the 76ers Vs Lakers game now to witness the two teams of basketball banshees create a furor on court, drawing endless screams from their fans.

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