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The NBA season is heating up as teams gear up for another grueling season featuring exciting matchups. Orlando Magic fans are in for a treat as their franchise travels to Washington to take on the Wizards at the Verizon Center in a thrilling game of basketball.

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Bringing an NBA team to Florida

The state of Florida did not have a basketball team in the NBA until Jim L. Hewitt decided to partner with Philadelphia 76ers general manager Pat Williams in 1985. The result of that meeting led to a understanding between the two and an official announcement in 1986.

Naming the team

In order to come up with a catchy name for their franchise, Hewitt turned to the public. He announced a contest in the local newspaper ‘Orlando Sentinel’ as a result of which 4,296 names were submitted. Out of these, four were shortlisted. These were ‘Juice,’ ‘Heat,’ ‘Tropics’ and ‘Magic.’ Ultimately, the latter was picked as it alluded to the one thing the city of Orlando was most famous for, the Walt Disney World.

Impressive Start

Since their inception in the NBA in 1989, Magic has racked up an impressive record. This includes making playoff appearances, 14 times out of their 24 years so far in the league. This feat has been achieved as a result of some astute signings over the years. Some of the most famous players to have donned the Magic jersey include Patrick Ewing, Tracy McGrady, Shaquille O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Penny Hardaway and Dwight Hardaway. The Magic team of 2015 looks to carry on the tradition of posting up impressive numbers on the court. Be sure to catch them in action; buy Orlando Magic Washington tickets now.