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Becoming the founding member of the Basketball Association of America in 1946, The New York Knicker bockers popularly known as the New York Knicks played its first game against the forerunners at the National Basketball Association, the Toronto Huskies, which only lasted for the season of 1946-47. The game was the first for the Basketball Association of America and the New York Knicks as well and is significant as it began telling the tales of the team's victory. The New York Knicks in its debut game got a sweeping a victory of 68-66 against the Huskies, the victory that is marked in the pages of history.

About New York Knicks

Widely recognized as the Knicks game, the New York Knicks play professional basketball. It became a member of the National Basketball League after the merger of the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League. Based in New York, the team NBA team has now become an obsession especially in the US. Yes it is the same Knicks game which you all keep hearing off from the Knicks fanatics to the movies and even in the Television series. You are right in guessing it is the game that men even in the movies love to watch. The Knicks has become so popular that it is one of the most talked about sport be it in television shows, movies or young boys and also men in general. Knicks is now the favorite conversation amongst men. It is known to be a every man's passion, not that women do not like the sport but it's true that men fancy it way more than all the women ou there. Talking of the Knicks being popular; you sure would have recalled it from your memories of the movies as a place where men propose. Remember from the movies where a guy at the Knicks game asks his girl to marry her and all this being shown on the big screen.

Based in the city of New York, the New York Knicks has New York Knickerbockers as its official name. The name New York Knickerbockers came from Washington Irving, the famous American author who used it as a pseudo name in his historical book "A history of New York", to refer to the early Dutch settlers in the city that later came to be known as the New York City. The New York Knicks is also known as a team that has employed the first ever non-Caucasian players on it roster namely Wataru Misaka, a Japanese player who joined the team in 1947. Initially coached by Neil Cohalan, veteran in basketball, the New York Knicks has been a consistent contender for the play offs especially in its initial years. The team under the supervision of Cohalan earning its goodwill right from their first decade when it got into the NBA finals for three years that too consistently. The team that took a brilliant start and is still going strong has millions of die hard fanatic fans who not just follow it like a craze but also consider it a sin to miss out on any Knicks game.

The knicks are also known for the signing off numerous players from different descends like in the year 1950 the Knicks became the first team ever to have signed the multi talented, multi-sport athlete, an African-American player, Nathaniel "Sweetwater" Clifton,. New York Knicks as a team became such a big name that the greatest player in the history of basketball, the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan's name began to be linked with the team during the season of 1993-1994. But it came as a misfortune that the Chicago Bull player, Michael Jordan retired from playing professional Basketball the very same year and hence could not get on board with the Knicks. Living up to the high expectations of the fans and the critics after their worst loss recently in 2010 at the Madison Square Garden against Dallas Marvicks, the New York Knicks has made a come back by surprisingly shaking up the roster bringing first Brian Cardinal a trading deal with Darko Milicic to Minnesota Timberwolves. The deal also earned the New York Knicks considerable cash compensations. The Knicks has also employed Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens, the Celtic Players who are going to play an important part in strengthening the Knicks squad.

With the much stronger squad the Knick is eyeing the top spot on the 2010-11 NBA season. The upcoming season looks very promising for the New York Knicks. So gear up for the excitement and get your cheap New York Knicks tickets right here...right now. New York Knicks is one of the most experienced basketball teams in the world of sports. Since the mid forties, the Knicks are representing the Atlantic Division of the East Conference. National Basketball Association feels pride in associating the team with it as the earliest constant playoff contender among a few others.

New York Knicks have won two National Championships, eight Conference and four Division Titles to date. The team has a wide list of Basketball Hall of Famers with a new addition every year after an incredible championship. The recent additions include Patrick Ewing and Pat Riley. Knicks have a strong rivalry with New York Jets. A championship featuring both the teams is famous for being the most unpredictable match ever. Every second of the game seems to be the deciding moment of the winner. It’s not only the case with Jets, Knicks are known to give a tough time to all the other contending teams as well.

New York Knicks dressed up in blue and orange uniforms are ready to conquer the arena once again! After the rigorous coaching sessions headed by Mike D’ Antoni, the team is all set for a thrilling championship this season! So all basketball fans out there, it is time to cheer your favorite team! Hurry and get your New York Knicks tickets before you miss out on the chance to be a part of the match live!