NBA Western Conference Semifinals Houston Rockets Tickets

The NBA western conference semifinals Houston Rockets signal the arrival of a series of epic games. The Rockets have a long illustrious history with the sport during which they have established themselves among the most famous NBA teams of all time. After a bit of a lean time they upped their game once again the fact they are playing at this stage of the post season shows exactly that. Grab your NBA western conference semifinals Houston Rockets tickets and catch them play live.

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About NBA Western Conference Semifinals Houston Rockets

The “Houston Rockets” were incepted way back in the year 1967 in San Diego. The city were known as “San Diego Rockets” when they were formed and became a part of the NBA as an expansion team. They got off to a pretty decent start and made the playoffs in their second season. “Elvin Hayes” played a big part in that run to the post season. The Rockets came face to face with the prospect of ownership change in 1971 when they were bought out by Texas Sports Investment. The new management didn’t take long and moved the team Houston to give the city its first ever NBA representative. The name was then changed to the current “Houston Rockets” following that re-location.
The people of Houston provided their full support to the team and the Rockets made it all the way to the second round of the playoffs shortly afterwards. “Moses Malone” was added to the ranks after the 1977-1976 season and he made an instant impact. Malone led the Rockets to their first major title, the division championship in 1977. The ownership of Houston Rockets once again changed hands in 1979. They went on to clinch their first conference championship just two years after that. Next season saw them go all the way to the playoffs once again but the Rockets couldn’t make their way past the first round. 1986 turned out to be an even more productive year as the team went on to lift both the division as well as the conference titles.
The next few years did not go like everyone associated with the team would have hoped for. It was in 1993 that the Rockets won their next division title. Next season was an even more monumental one as they won the conference, the division and also lifted their first NBA championship at the end of the campaign. The Rockets didn’t rest on their laurels and clinched both the conference and the NBA title once again. That was unfortunately just about as good as it got for them as the fortunes suffered after that. It is only now that they have once again started to get up from their slumber and the NBA western conference semifinals Houston Rockets gives them an ideal chance to make their mark on the league once again. It promises to be one epic series of encounters that might take them to the top once again. If you are a fan of this amazing team then book cheap NBA western conference semifinals Houston Rockets tickets and make your presence felt when your favorite team plays.

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