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Two of the best teams in the post season will square off in the western conference final in a series of epic encounters. The winner will be crowned the champions of the conference and will earn their spot in the NBA finals to compete for the biggest prize in the sport today, the NBA championship. So if the team you support have made it this far then book your western conference final tickets and catch all the action live. The western conference final games are played right at the business end of the season which makes them that much more intriguing. Teams work hard all through the season to headline such games because there is no reward bigger than winning a major title come the end of the season.

About NBA Western Conference Finals

The western conference is incredibly competitive so any team that wants to go as far as the western conference final stage of the campaign needs to be at the top of their game. The western conference as we see it today was incepted in the year 1947 but its history goes back longer than that. The conference was named the "Campbell Conference" and the "Clarence Campbell Conference" during its days of infancy. The first change in the NBA structure for came in the year 1974. The league was divided into two conferences the western conference and the eastern conference. Each of these two conferences had four divisions each below them.  The main concept behind the change was to help the league move forward and make the sport more acceptable on the global scale.
The decision turned out to be a very successful one and NBA began to reach what were before then untapped territories. Another major re-structuring happened in the year 1981. According to these new changes the teams that played under the Campbell conference were from the west of the country. Gary Bettman then became the commissioner of the NBA. He was a visionary who wanted NBA to become a global phenomenon. He wanted the league to be even simpler for the masses to understand. He re-named both conferences as the western conference and the eastern conference. Each conference was then further divided into three divisions that had five teams each playing under it. The western conference now had pacific, southwest and northwest divisions. The conferences will once again be divided into four divisions each when the 2013-2014 campaign kicks-off.
The western conference final is when business really starts to pick up in the conference. Teams bring their A game to the table because they know anything less than the best can have disastrous consequences. The pressure of the occasion makes it so much more fascinating for everyone. It will not be any different this time around either so grab your cheap western conference final tickets and watch what promises to be another series of wonderful games.

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