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The New York Knicks is the name given to the professional basketball team of New York City. They are part of the “National Basketball Association” (NBA) and are classified as being part of its Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division. The team was first put together in 1946 and has since then become the East Coast’s favorite basketball team, housing many legends of the sport. After the Boston Celtics, they are the only team that has not been relocated from their original city. Their name, the “Knicks” is a shortened form of “Knickerbocker” which was a pseudonym used to describe people of Dutch descent in New York. In this years’ NBA, they are performed just as well as expected and are the favorites to reach the final. Don’t miss their upcoming match and get NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals New York Knicks tickets right away.

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About NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals New York Knicks

The team has been successful from the get go, winning most of its earliest playoffs. This was because they had an array of excellent players who could work together. In the 1950s, soon after their formation, they appeared in the NBA finals three times in a row. They met their downfall in the 1960s when winning a match became a rarity. But they soon returned to former glory as Red Holzman became the coach and took them back to the techniques that had originally made them who they were.
More recently, and in particular after 2012, the Knicks are making a comeback with a few important changes in the team. Jason Kidd is to take the position of point guard, a position he is comfortable with and knows like the back of his hand. In the original lineup, he was supposed to be the backup to Lin only. They are also bringing back Marcus Camby, having traded him from the Houston Rockets. In addition to this, they have also taken in some free agents including J R Smith, Steve Novak and Chris Copeland. Consequently, they also had to give up some important players with the likes of Landry Field and Ronnie Brewer. On the upside, however, Rasheed Wallace is expected to come out of retirement and play with the Knicks for the remainder of the season. Fans with NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals New York Knicks tickets will thus be in for a thrilling match.
The Knicks have revamped their uniform which now has a new logo. Black is now no longer an official color. The new design has been inspired from the championship era and is derived from the concept that the Knicks will be returning to their former glory and rising to the top as they did before. This has been accentuated with the line “Once a Knick, Always a Knick” scripted along their collars. They also have special uniforms, one for “St. Patrick’s Day”, one for Christmas, and one to honor Noche Latina. They will be adorning their new looks in the upcoming matches, so look for cheap NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals New York Knicks tickets as soon as you can.

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