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Brimming with talents such as LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and many more, NBA matchups have never been as great as they are now. Some refer to it as the golden age of NBA which has been leading all the major basketball leagues of US for many years now. Basketball, a game of immense thrill and pleasure, is one of the major sports of the country that is popular among all the ages. The NBA Eastern Conference Finals, following the semi-finals and quarterfinals, is when the winning teams face the champions of the Western Conference. Chicago Bulls, one of the toughest leagues of the Eastern Conference, with their legendary history and records, is all set for the quarterfinals this season.Before they play and reach the finals, watch them play in the quarterfinals with NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Chicago Bulls tickets.

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Eastern Conference is one of the two broad divisions of NBA, the other being the Western Conference. Each year, two teams from these divisions face each other in the NBA final and compete for the championship trophy. Eastern Conference was established in 1947 and was then known as the Eastern Division. The Conference has a total of fifteen teams which are further categorized in three divisions, each having five teams. The three divisions are Southeast Division, Atlantic Division and Central Division. Under the current division, the five teams which fall under the Central Division include Chicago Bulls, Indiana pacers, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the Miami Heat falls under Southeast Division and Boston Celtics play for the Atlantic Division along with the Raptors and the Knicks.
With a core of energetic playmakers, Chicago Bulls has been playing under the Eastern Conference since 1966. Facing other tough teams like Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, Bulls really have a hard time making any moves. The legendary Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls has played a great role in making the team a dynasty, a status which it still maintains today to some extent. Being one of the most prominent franchises of the NBA, Bulls’ schedule is always packed with some of the greatest matchups. This year, with cheap NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Chicago Bulls tickets, you can watch their spectacular moves as they play a home game at the United Center. The center has witnessed to some of the greatest face-offs in the history of NBA.
Chicago Bulls have got a splendid record of six championships, nine division titles and six conference titles. Under its current head coach, Tom Thibodeau, Bulls are doing absolutely great. Tom was named as the “NBA Coach of the Year” in 2011, when he led the team to 62-wins. Bulls also have won 72-games in a single season, a record which has yet to be broken.  After Michael Jordan, the only player of Bulls to have won the NBA’s “Most Valuable Player Award” is Derrick Rose who still plays for the league. Among the teams having fierce rivalries with Bulls are the Miami Heat, the winners of the last Eastern Conference finals, Knicks, Pistons and Pacers.

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