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The Charlotte Hornets have been part of the league for quite a while now and have had a roller coaster of a time in the NBA since their inception. They have gone through some very important changes in the last few seasons. The Hornets went through a change of ownership, several modifications were made to the team’s roster and they even went through a name alteration. Hopefully everything works out and their on-court form improves. Grab your Charlotte Hornets Charlotte tickets and watch your favorite team perform out on the basketball court this season.

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The Hornets were formed in 1988 as an expansion franchise. In 2002 the team relocated to New Orleans and Charlotte was left without an NBA franchise. That remained the case till 2004 when a new franchise was awarded to the city. This team retained the history and the records of the original Hornets but would be called the Bobcats.


During the 2010 season Michael Jordon, the legendary basketball player became the first former player to become a majority owner of an NBA franchise. In the 2014 season the team reverted back to the Hornets name after New Orleans got a new franchise called the Pelicans. The Hornets have gone through so many ups and downs over the years just so that they could build a team good enough to win where it matters, on the court. This might be the year when they crack the code.