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Boston Celtics have always been a super exciting team to watch for the NBA fans in general and the team fans in particular. Whenever the team walks onto the court, the fans can be sure that they would deliver yet another heart throbbing performance which could keep them on the edge of their seats. The team boasts a talented squad which can turn around the game at any given point by accelerating their brilliance on the court, breaking the defense of the opposing team and scoring some match saving points. It is because of this positive attitude on the floor that the fans of the Boston Celtics never give up hope even when the team goes head to head against some of the toughest teams in the NBA. The team, because of its competitiveness, has earned a ferocious reputation amongst of its rivals and opponents and it is this competitiveness which brings lots of fans to just about any given game of the Boston Celtics.

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The nail biting action on the court begins as soon as the players of the Boston Celtics set foot on the court. The magnificent giants are known for their dexterity with the ball and their shoots almost always seem to find the basket somehow. Their terrific aims, coupled with their ability to see holes in the defense of the opposing team gives them an edge over the opponents. This helped the team win several titles over the course of their career. The team has won some twenty eight division titles with an impressive twenty one conference titles. The most impressive accomplishment of the team, to date, remains the fact that they have managed to win a mighty total of seventeen championship titles over the course of years. The team's performance went downhill during the late 1980s and 1990s but they struck back in the late 2000s to win yet another championship in 2008.

The franchise of the Boston Celtics was founded in 1946 and, unlike some other franchises in the National Basketball Association, it is still based in the country where it was originally founded. They city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts remains the proud home of the stars of Boston Celtics. The team plays in the Easter Division as a member of the Atlantic Division in the NBA. The TD Garden arena plays host to all the home games for the Boston Celtics. During the 64 years of existence, the franchise has been able to win more championship titles in the NBA than any of the other teams. The overall brilliant performances that helped the team win so many titles came with plenty of spectacular individual performances. And for that reason, four players of the team have been awarded the Most Valuable Player Awards by the NBA over the years.

During the sixty four years of their existence, the Boston Celtics have dominated all forms of the game. They bulldozed their opposition throughout the late 1950s and 1960s during the division games. They gave some of their best performances during the division games during the 1980s and early 1990s. The continued this magnificent all the way through to the conference level where over the course of time, they won a staggering total of twenty one conference titles. Their latest victory came in the form of the recently won title in 2010.

Their most impressive accomplished remains the long list of NBA championship victories. No other NBA franchise has won as many titles as the Boston Celtics and they have truly dominated the game for so many years. From 1957 to 1969, the team managed to win some eleven titles in the span of thirteen years. The fans still seem to take pride in the brilliant heritage of the magnificent franchise which truly lives up to the expectation of their fans. That is why they look for cheap Boston Celtic tickets all through the year to catch all the action live!

The National Basketball Association team Boston Celtics was founded in the year 1946. The Atlantic Division team has set a tradition of success ever since the time it emerged. The dominating Western Division Team has won seventeen championships by now, raising its ranking among the top NBA teams. Boston Celtics share a similar winning record with their most prominent rivals, Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics-Lakers rivalry is considered to be one of the best NBA rivalries. Other rival teams include Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers.

Boston Celtics is owned and operated by Boston Basketball Partners LLC and plays the home games at the TD Garden. Many of its players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and team has enjoyed playing under the best coaches always. The current head coach of the team is Doc Rivers and Danny Aingy is the general manager. Celtics hold the unbeaten record of winning eight championships at a stretch. The fans wait for the most thrilling match between Celtics and Lakers and feel proud that Celtics defeated them 9 times out of 12 times the teams faced each other in the NBA finals. Four of its players are honored to have won the ‘NBA Most Valuable Player Award’. Overall, the team has won 20 Division Titles and 21 Conference Titles. Boston Celtics tickets are available for sale; they must be obtained by the basketball fans who want to enjoy the real thrill of a basketball game.

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