Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers tickets:

If basketball is the favorite game of Ameirca then the most famous teams in this game are undoubtedly Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. These two are formidable rivals and have a heated rivalry against each other, whenever they come face to face it seems that two powerful Greek gods are fighting against each other for supremacy. A thrilling match is about to be played again between these two star teams, so grab your Boston Celtics vs los Angeles Lakers tickets from us and witness a nail biting match.

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Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers TD Garden Boston Wednesday
11/8/2017 8:00 PM
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics Staples Center Los Angeles Tuesday
1/23/2018 7:30 PM

About Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers

Boston Celtics have been playing for the last 6 decades and they were founded in 1947 by Walter Brown, the Celtics are undeniably one of the most experienced and tough teams in NBA and they have a great winning record, the Celtics play in Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division and they happen to be among the only 2 teams who have never relocated to any other city since debut the other one being the New York Knicks. Boston Celtics are headquartered in Boston Massachusetts and play all their home games at the TD Garden arena situated on 100 legends Way, they share this arena with the famous ice hockey team Boston Bruins.

Boston Celtics record shows that they are surely a tough customer as they have won 19 Divisional Championships, 21 Conference Championships and a humongous 17 NBA Championship titles. History of the Celtics shows that they were truly the masters of the game especially during the 50’s and 80’s, during these times they were unstoppable and from 1956-65 they were the uncrowned kings as they stood no 1 in the Division, the Conference and won all the NBA finals except once in which they lost to Atlanta Hawks, during this era the team was coached by Red Auerbach and under him the Celtics won an amazing 795 games. Celtics latest 2 seasons were quite good as they won NBA finals in 2007-08 and again played the finals in 2009-2010 losing to Los Angeles Lakers 3-4. Current roster has strong players like Ray Allen, Glen Davis, Paul Pierce (captain), Kevin Garnett and the very famous and popular 7 footer Shaquille O’Neal.

Los Angeles Lakers are among those teams that have the most fans and truly know the art of winning, they hold the record for the longest winning streak of 33 wins and also are the current reigning NBA champions. Lakers were founded in 1947 as Minneapolis Lakers in 1947 but in 1960 they moved to Los Angeles and renamed Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference and they play all their home games at the Staples Center situated at 1111 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, this venue is also the home arena of the ice hockey team Los Angeles Kings, the team’s official color is purple, gold and white. Forbes rates the Lakers as the most valuable NBA team with a net worth of $607 million.

Los Angeles Lakers have been ruling the NBA for quite sometime now and since their debut they have only missed the playoffs 4 times which is a great achievement in itself. They have won 21 Divisional titles, 32 Conference titles and 16 NBA Championships, the only team to score more NBA wins then the Lakers are the Boston Celtics with 17 wins. 4 of the Lakers players Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant have been given the prestigious NBA Most Valuable Player Awards a total of eight times. Current roster has amazing players like Kobe Bryant (captain), Lamar Odom, Steve Blake and Luke Walton.

Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have one of the most famous and oldest rivalries in NBA and they have won a combined 33 NBA Championships and have faced each other 12 times in NBA finals, 9 were won by Celtics and 3 times by Lakers. Their upcoming match will truly be a pulsating and riveting experience so get your Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers tickets only from us and feel the adrenalin rush all over you!

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A:No, the Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers Tickets prices will remain as they are and will not be reduced regardless of when you buy them.

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A:No, the process for placing online order for Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers Tickets is very easy. Visit our website for details.

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A:Please log on to our Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers Tickets page and there you will find the details regarding the event.

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