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The game of basketball possesses a magical attraction because of its energetic gameplay and the skills it requires. The thrill increases many folds when the team playing is as great as Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta, Georgia based professional basketball team Atlanta Hawks came into being in 1946. The team plays in National Basketball Association from Eastern Conference in its Southeast Division. At the time of foundation, the team was called Buffalo Bisons, and was based in Buffalo, New York and played as a part of National Basketball League. After about three years the team was moved to Moline, Illinois where it was renamed to Tri Cities Blackhawks. Soon afterwards, the team was included in National Basketball Association, being one of the 17 original teams that became a part of National Basketball Association when it came into being as a result of a merger between Basketball Association of America and National Basketball League. At that time, the team had the privilege to have a coach as great as Red Auerbach. Good coaching, and drafting in of some great players brought the team to the mainstream of professional basketball, but their journey remained turbulent owing to some inappropriate decisions taken by the management, eventually bringing the success rate of Tri Cities Blackhawks down. One of such decisions was to trade off their key player Bob Cousy to Chicago Stags.

About Atlanta Hawks

The team moved once again in 1951 to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the name was changed to Milwaukee Hawks. The team drafted in some more of good players, but still struggled to reach a place among the better teams of NBA. Through mid 1950s, Milwaukee Hawks was considered one of the worst teams to play in NBA. As another desperate effort to make it a profitable franchise, the team was moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1955. The latter half of 1950s brought some success to this struggling team, and they managed to qualify for finals both in 1957 and 1958, winning the latter one against Boston Celtics. The 1958 NBA Finals was the very first NBA Championship victory title for the team, bringing a great deal of encouragement for them. The championship title came as a morale booster for the team, and opened gates of victory and success for them. The team enjoyed success and popularity through the next decade.

The team moved once again to Atlanta in 1968 after being purchased by Carl Sanders, the governor of Georgia, and Tom Cousins, a real estate developer from Atlanta. It was then that the team was renamed to Atlanta Hawks. Soon after the relocation, the team managed to get back to their top form, winning a division title in 1969-70. Soon afterwards, the team moved to their new home, the Omni Coliseum, an arena with a capacity of around 16,500 spectators. The coming years brought both fame as well as fortune for the team, and its career saw great ups and downs through the upcoming decades. The team was sold later to Ted Turner and then to its current owner, Atlanta Spirit LLC. It is now considered among some of the most successful teams of National Basketball Association, and has the potential to entertain basketball fans to an altogether new level. Cheap Atlanta Hawks tickets provide a great opportunity for all basketball lovers to witness a great team with unparalleled talent exhibit their skills.

Atlanta Hawks is the professional basketball team based in Atlanta which came into existence during the mid last century. It emerged as Buffalo Bisons in New York, as a part of the National Basketball League. However, the name was changed to Tri-Cities Blackhawks in 1951. It was renamed once again until it got its final name Atlanta Hawks in 1968. The initial years were quite disappointing for the team, due to the constant relocations. But gradually it started to improve and won a Championship in 1958, gaining a good position among the EasternConference Teams. From 1957 to 1961, the team won Conference titles four times, unveiling its talent in front of the world. Atlanta Hawks play for the Southeast Division and the current owner is Ailliam Bill Tassle. Larry Drew has been the head coach for quite a few years now and the team seems to be on the rise.

During the eighties and the nineties, Atlanta Hawks performed well, gaining much popularity. Since 1999, The Hawks play their home games at the Philips Arena and is recognized with its official colors including navy, red, white and black. Although the team has not won any big Championship as yet, but it definitely has the potential. The fans love to watch them compete with the best basketball teams in a proficient manner. Atlanta Hawks tickets must be obtained soon if you wish to watch a live basketball game.