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Are you missing the addictive basketball matches where no one will leave their couches till the victors take their cup of triumph? If yes then your wait is over as Nation Basketball Association is back with its most exciting games of the year following the 2012 NBA Draft.  There is much ado about the event which is going to be held on in June this year in New Jersey. In 2012 NBA Draft there is an even chance that every basketball player who wants to join the league will be selected, be it international players or the unprofessional ones. The show is to be televised by the ESPN, but the excitement of being there and see it live is something you can’t match with its telecast.

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About 2012 NBA Draft

The eligibility criteria under the CBA for 2012 Draft include that players must be 19 at least and not a high school players. The international players around 22 years are eligible for the game this year. Players who have their one year of high school covered are also eligible. The players who declare the eligibility are called the early entrants. In the Draft 2012 the players will lose eligibility when they pull out twice from the game or if they are appointed an agent. There is no conditionality on the citizenship of players as players who have lived outside USA for 3 years are eligible.
The most sensational part of the Draft 2012 is that NBA Draft Lottery which was first used in the 1985 Draft which was held to establish the order of Draft for the players. This lottery is like the toss in cricket where the team which didn’t get in the previous Draft will take part on the lottery and the winner is the one who gets the first selection in the NBA draft. By this process first 3 picks are decided and 14 non-playoff teams, also known as lottery teams participate. So there is more chance for them to get higher picks at the drafts. Though the NBA lottery isn’t the criteria for picking the remaining rounds in the Draft, this year the lottery was held in Disney/ABC Times Square Studio, the New York City on the May 30th. This year’s teams who were in lottery are Trail Blazers, Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Hornets, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors, New Orleans, Detroit Pistons, Hornets Portland, Trail Blazers, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets.
There is a green room for 10 to 15 players who are invited annually by the NBA Draft. In greenroom the players and their families can enjoy the fest and fever of the basketball draft 2012. There has been a turbulent history of the NBA Drafts as unlike 1984 they have faced hard time in 2000s. But this year there is much anticipation for 2012 NBA Draft and it seems like the players are not going to disappoint the viewers. So hurry up and buy your 2012 NBA Draft tickets and enjoy this basketball fest.  You can also get several cheap 2012 NBA Draft tickets, so hurry and get your share!

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