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Sports hold an important place in the hearts of all Americans as it is one of the biggest past times for most of the nations. Whether people are watching games on the television or gathering in stadiums to watch their favorite teams, sports attracts the attention of millions of people throughout the year. The sports industry in the US has become a multi-billion dollar industry with athletes earning as much money as anyone in any field. While some of the major sports in the country include football and basketball, the most American game of them all is baseball.

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Baseball is what can be truly called an American game as it was originated in America and is actually only played at a professional level in America. The sport is governed by Major League Baseball in the country and the most coveted title in the sport is the AL Pennant. The AL Pennant is like the Super Bowl or World Championship of the MLB. The AL Pennant is only second to the much coveted World Series Championship. Baseball has a vast history in the American culture and is an important part of the cultural traditions in the country.
One team that will know all about the history of baseball and its impact on the culture of the US is the Philadelphia Phillies. The Philadelphia Phillies are not only the oldest team in the MLB; they are also the oldest team in any American sports. The team started out in 1883 in the National League and still plays there. They started playing in the East Division in 1969 and play there to date. The Philadelphia Phillies is also the oldest team to continuously play for the same city under the same name as they have played under the Phillies name for over a century now and continue to do so.
The Philadelphia Phillies were known to be the team to have lost the most games in the history of the MLB. This was mostly due to the fact that the team was much older than the other teams but their recent history has seen the team come back to the forefront of the baseball world. The team has started playing as hard as ever and the last decade has seen the team rise to the top of the baseball world. Since 2007, the Philadelphia Phillies have continuously won their East Division title and went on to even greater levels of success when they won the NL Pennant in 2008 and 2009 and won the World Series Championship in 2008.
The Philadelphia Phillies are currently making a comeback and are continuing to rise to the top with their constant winning seasons and championship victories. Now is a better time than ever to support the team as they make their way forward towards glory and even more championships. The team has been winning a championship every year since 2007 so get your Philadelphia Phillies tickets and prepare to see the team take on more opponents and bring home more glory next season.

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