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Tampa Bay Rays will be looking for a much-awaited win against the Boston Red Sox as they head to Boston in July 2015. The Rays' fans are eagerly waiting for the franchise to hit the road and play against American League East Division rivals. The two teams will face each other between July 31 to August 2, 2015 and later during September 21 and 24, 2015. The Tampa Bay Rays Boston tickets have been selling like hot cakes as baseball lovers have got an exciting challenge to look forward to. You really don't want to miss on all the thrilling action at the famous Fenway Park so make sure you're there in the stands on the big day.

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Rays of Hope

The Tampa Bay Rays have had a disappointing season chart as they faced a losing streak during the ongoing month of June 2015. The losing spell was broken only by a single win against the Blue Jays on June 23, 2015 but the Rays still have to do a lot more. Despite a middling performance, the Rays seem to have found a ray of hope with the addition of the three-time all-star Grady Sizemore. The former Red Sox and Phillies outfielder has given the Rays a much needed boost in the game.

League Charts

The Tampa Bay Rays are perched at the top of the American League East rankings as of this month. The Red Sox notched the fifth slot in the League at 32-42. The Rays look even more challenging as per statistics with a 41-33 lead in the division. Join the ecstatic crowd as it rushes to witness the two teams pounce on each other.