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As the years have gone by, it has become more and more difficult for cities to apply for new sports franchises. This is especially true for the four major sports leagues in the country, which includes the MLB as well. This is perhaps the reason why Tampa Bay had to go almost forty years before their demands for a new baseball team were met and the Rays team was finally created. However, in the end it all seems worth it, with the team starting to find its rhythm in the league.  

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A stab of light

In 2007, the name which was previously known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was shortened to just Rays. This was another in a long line of decisions made by the team’s management, as they set out to completely revamp the franchise.

Focus was put on new and upcoming talents that would secure the team’s future, as well as a coach that could nurture these talents till they were ready to shine on the big stage. The changes have paid dividends.

Through the parting clouds

The very next year, the Rays won the first of their two division titles to date. They then made it to the AL Championship series, which they also managed to win, and the season finally concluded with their historic World Series victory against the Philadelphia Phillies. Now you can see them as they face the Texans, by just booking your Tampa Bay Rays Arlington tickets and enjoy the series, live at the Globe Life Park.