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It doesn’t matter if you follow each and every game of baseball religiously or just like to cheer for you favorite player, Seattle Mariners is the right team to give you guys a great time. All the true Americans hare a love for baseball and if we are talking about watching a live game of Seattle Mariners then you surely got no excuse to miss it. Since the time of its inception in 1977 Seattle Mariners is busy giving you guys some of the best matched of all times. From Seattle, Washington this team has defined the baseball game of our country with its great playoffs. For years we have been taking pride in counting the winning of Seattle Mariners. Member of Major League Baseball's American League in the Western Division, Seattle Mariners has got Safeco Field as the home game venue for its matched since 1999.

About Seattle Mariners

Famous with their nick names like the M's or Mariners the team got this name from the prominent marine culture of Seattle city. Clad in Navy Blue, Northwest Green and Metallic Silver when Seattle Mariners hit the ground, its magnificence and charm is spread all over the place. Owned by Nintendo of America, which is represented by Howard Lincoln Seattle Mariners is managed by Eric Wedge and its General Manager is a very talented man named as Jack Zduriencik. Seattle Mariners have had several talented coached as well including, Jeff Datz , Jaime Navarro , Jason Phillips , Robby Thompson  and Carl Willis. Seattle Mariners have been giving some of the great games with the help of talented players like, Ichiro Suzuki and Felix Hernandez, there is no end to thrill and excitement when Seattle Mariners are out there in the field hitting hard shots. Their break through success was in 1995 then Seattle Mariners won their 1st division championship at American League Division Series by defeating New York Yankees.

The most memorable moment for Seattle Mariners was when Ken Griffey, Jr. was driven to home by Edgar Martinez, winning the game in the eleventh inning. In just 2001 this brilliant team had won hundred and sixteen games. It is a record for American League for by winning most games in a single season. Event though Seattle Mariners have dazzled the baseball lovers all over the world but still whenever it is to perform any where fans are seen all over the place.  The team has made several records over the course of time. With Highest Batting Average of .372 by Ichiro Suzuki in 2004 Seattle Mariners made its fans very proud along with the Most Runs of 141 by Alex Rodriguez  in 1996 and Most Hits in 262 by Ichiro Suzuki in 2004 it is a Major League Record. Seattle Mariners are also famous for their Highest Slugging percentage of .674 by Ken Griffey Jr.  in 1994 and the Most Triples of 12 by Ichiro Suzuki  in 2005, Most Home Runs of 56 by Ken Griffey Jr.  in 1997,98. So don’t miss out on your chance to watch a ground breaking game live, get your Seattle Mariners tickets today and have a great time with your loved ones!

Known as “America’s Favorite Pastime”, baseball is one of the most popular professional sports in the world. With a latest season of the exciting Major League Baseball just around the corner, fans are already anxious to see some incredible baseball action. Fortunately for fans, spring training is the best way to satisfy that urge. This helps fans get a chance to watch star sides such as the Seattle Mariners make preparations for the big season. With some of the Mariners’ veterans and young up-coming players, it simply does not get any better than this. Hurry over to Peoria, Arizona and watch f their warm-up games from the stands. Grab your cheap Seattle Mariners tickets now before they run out.

Last year’s MLB season was not a good for the Mariners as they were only able to finished 4th in the AL West standings. With the new season just around the corner, the M’s are looking to rise through the ranks this time around. With some high quality baseball pitchers, the Seattle Mariners are hoping that these players get some big wins for the team. For last season, fans and the club have realized that their offense was not up to the level they had hoped for. With spring training, the Mariners have an excellent opportunity to step up their game and find that perfect winning formula against the bigger teams in the American League.

There has never been a shortage of talent for the Seattle Mariners. The franchise has produced some of the most iconic ball players in the history of baseball. The all-time great Ken Griffey played with the Seattle Mariners and is considered as one of the most popular players in the MLB history. With 630 mesmerizing home runs as well as 10 consecutive Gold Gloves, Ken “The Kid” Griffey was simply phenomenal. Other all-time greats of the game such as Alex Rodriguez and Randy Johnson had some of their best years in the Seattle based franchise.

With plenty of young talent in their lineup, the Seattle Mariners will want to get these up-coming players in form before the 2014 MLB season kicks off. With the big signing of AL West division’s finest 2nd baseman Robinson Cano, the fans have high hopes for a winning campaign. So hurry over to the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona and catch your favorites as well as young rising stars try to make a name for themselves. Purchase the Spring Training Seattle Mariners tickets as soon as possible. The Mariners are hungry for success and will be looking for big wins this season. The spring training games are an excellent way of finding out how prepared the Mariners will be when the big season gets underway. For baseball fans, this is an exciting time to witness some major thrills filled with huge home runs, incredible catches and tense moments.

With one of the biggest fan following in baseball, the Seattle Mariners have had an extremely dedicated and loyal fan base that has continued to show its support for the team irrespective of their title record. Watching the Mariners competing will give you a chance to join in the celebrations with the very lively Seattle supporters. Mariners’ games always have an electrifying atmosphere especially when they are winning. Grab your Spring Training Seattle Mariners tickets now and come over to the wonderful Peoria Sports Complex in the city of Peoria, Arizona to watch the exciting action.


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