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The San Diego Padres are one of the two teams that originated from California. The Padres have earned a name for themselves in the West Division of the National League, having won quite a few titles. The Padres were formed in 1969 and joined the NFL the same year. They earned their first major success with a West Division title in 1984. The kept their rhythm in the playoffs and secured the NL Pennant, which granted them a place in their first World Series. The Detroit Tigers stopped the marching Padres in four games to end their bid for the coveted title.

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Although the Padres won another division title in 1996, it wasn’t until 1998 that they got near the elusive World Series title again. In a repeat of the 1969 season, the Padres cruised to the top in their division and won a NL Pennant for a spot in the Finals with the New York Yankees. The Yankees defeated the Padres in four games.

Apart from their wins in the nineties, the Padres have managed to earn two more West Division titles. The back to back titles came in 2005 and 2006. However they have not been able to win another NL Pennant, since their last pennant win in 1998. Get San Diego Padres San Diego tickets and watch the Padres play against the Texas Rangers. The Padres who finished at third place in the division, will be looking to finish in the top two this season.