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If you are a fan of the San Diego Padres, the dynamic baseball franchise, then this is your lucky day. You can now avail the chance of catching the Padres as they take on the D-Backs in Phoenix.

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About San Diego Padres Phoenix Tickets

Expansion team

The San Diego Padres are newcomers to the MLB. They joined the league as an expansion team in 1969 along with the Angels of Anaheim. The two franchises also hold the distinction of being the only clubs that were established and based in California from the start. The Padres are placed in the National League and play in the Western division.

Two time NL winner

The Padres have continued to punch above their weight in the league and have quickly developed a reputation for being fierce competitors. They have won the National League pennant twice in their history. The first victory came in 1984 and the second one in 1998. However, the Padres have been unable to make the next step and have yet to claim a World Series title. But with five West division titles under their belt already, there can be no denying the potential this talented club has. If you are a Padres fan then this is one game you cannot miss; buy San Diego Padres Phoenix tickets quickly before they sell out.