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The San Diego Padres, one of two teams in the MLB originating from California, were granted a National League franchise in 1968. They made their debut in 1969 and played against Houston, in front of more than twenty three thousand fans. The Padres registered their first victory in the MLB with a two – one win. However the newly formed team went on to have a losing season. It wasn’t until the mid-eighties that the Padres made any significant gains.

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In 1984, the Padres won their first ever West Division title and advanced to the playoffs, being in contention for the NL Pennant. They won against Chicago in five games to win the Pennant and feature in their first World Series. The Detroit Tigers proved to be a handful and bested the Padres four games to one.

The Padres won their next West Division title in 1996, followed shortly by another in 1998. They won ninety eight games in the regular season and ended up winning their second NL Pennant. This granted them their second World Series appearance, where they were up against the Yankees. The Yankees ended up with one hundred and twenty five wins in the season and needed only four games to defeat the Padres. In 2005 and 2006 the Padres won back to back West Division titles to take their total tally of Division titles to five. Get San Diego Padres Denver tickets and watch the Padres play against the Colorado Rockies.


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